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A bit about Me….running a household, being a Mom and working full-time in Healthcare

In May 2010, I stumbled across the YouTube world of beauty videos while searching online for a product review. I quickly became fascinated by this community of women (and men!) who shared their views, thoughts and product purchases over the Internet. So I started to spend much of my free time watching these “channels”…. It wasn’t long before my interest in makeup developed into a full blown beauty obsession!! Over a year later, I decided to start this blog and use it today as an outlet for me to share what I know, and connect with others who also share my passion. I have made some really amazing friends along the way and really value these relationships. I am also currently an online contributor of Fashion Magazine’s Beauty Panel. While I am not a makeup artist, I have worked in the beauty industry for many years before moving into my current career in healthcare management. Away from work, I’m just a regular girl who loves makeup and fashion! I continue to expand my knowledge and skills through freelancing, books, MAC master classes and practice! My friend suggested to me that I look into a blank invoice template to make work more straightforward with clients which is something I have seriously considered. I was born and raised in the surrounding Toronto area, and am a proud wife and mother to 2 amazing children. If you follow me on twitter (makeupjunkie19), you may have already heard about them!!

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