Marcelle / Annabelle Beauty Unveiling 2012: New Products

This past week I attended the Marcelle & Annabelle Beauty Unveiling Event in Toronto. Media and fashion industry people had the wonderful opportunity to mingle with the companies’ product gurus and learn about their new products. Despite being exhausted after work, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the products and meet up with fellow Toronto Beauty Bloggers. The venue was beautiful. Tables were set up around the room where we could sample, swatch and learn about the products. I also finally got to meet the “face” behind Twitter @Marcelletweets and @Annabelletweets and hang out with my friend and talented makeup artist Stacey Brennan.

Onto the products….

Marcelle is set to launch new eye shadow quads, ranging in colour from neutrals to more dramatic smokey options.  The Monochromatic quads (pictured on the left) features variations of the same color, each with a different finish (i.e. matte, shimmer etc).

New Marcelle eye shadows!
Monochromatic Quads (L) (one shade in different tones & finishes)
& Ombre Quads (R)

Marcelle’s New Age Precision skincare line has been reformulated to reduce redness and increase skin’s radiance in addition to its existing anti-aging and skin firming properties.

The new Gene Youth Anti-Aging line is marketed as preventative skincare for younger skin. The serum in this line comes packaged in a dropper-type applicator that twists to release the necessary amount of product. It penetrates beyond the first level of skin and works its magic on the epidermal layer, where the dreadful aging process begins.

Gene Youth Serum Concentrate

So, it’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE Marcelle’s BB Cream. Ever since about February, I have been using it daily, as part of my everyday routine. See my review of it here.  At the event, I learned that two additional BB Cream were introduced to the line, so of course I had to ask questions and sample them. The new Anti-Aging BB Cream has an SPF 20, which the original does not have. In addition to the SPF, this version of the BB also has “Lift Essence Nature Complex”, which is said to provide an instant lift to the skin. The product I am MOST excited about is the Marcelle BB Cream to Powder. It totally reminded me of Benefit’s Some Kind-A-Gorgeous (foundation faker) which I really like and is great for touch ups. Marcelle’s version of this was smooth and silky to the touch and came in 2 shades. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

Marcelle BB Cream to Shadow

Annabelle’s most exciting new product is the TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayon. Holy cow, these are incredible!!! I think I fell in love with each of the 12 shades at first sight. After swatching them, I can confirm that that the texture of these is creamy and smooth, while the finish is glossy and pigmented. The sheerer shades can definitely be built up to be bolder if desired.

Top – Annabelle TwistUp Retractable Lip Crayon
Bottom – Annabelle single shadows (new shades)
Annabelle TwistUp Retractable Lip Crayon
**photo courtesy of Annabelle Cosmetics Facebook page**
Annabelle Single Shadows
**photo courtesy of Annabelle Cosmetics Facebook page**

Among other Annabelle releases are 5 new shades of the Single Eye shadows (above), a felt-tip EyeInk Liquid Eyeliner and Annabelle’s very first BB Cream line! The BB line included a BB cream with SPF15, BB Concealer, BB Retouch Crayon and BB Powder. The most unique was the BB Retouch Crayon, a double-ended crayon pencil with a wrinkle filler on one end and highlighting pen on the other. Amazing! I hope this thing works on the fine lines around my mouth.

If all these great products weren’t enough, Annabelle blew us all away by showcasing their new Beauty Stand, soon to be featured in stores as part of their sales display. This incredibly eye catching and inviting display is scheduled to captivate stores this summer!. I don’t know a single person that wouldn’t sit and play with this beauty all day (ok, maybe not my husband…) 

All products mentioned are expected to launch in Canadian stores July 2012.
 I personally can’t wait to try the Marcelle BB Cream to Powder, and purchase some of Annabelle’s TwistUp Lip Crayons.
What are you most excited to try?