Dove Men+ Care: Shave Gel, Face Lotion and More!

Did you know that “60% of Canadian men are unknowingly torturing their faces by washing with regular soap, dragging razors on their bare skin, slapping on alcohol-rich after shave or neglecting to moisturize? And, of the 90% of men who shave weekly, most of them experience uncomfortable or damaging results such as razor burn, irritation or dry skin”
The men in my life spend a fraction of the time that I do on their grooming and skincare regimes. Even my husband, who has always taken good care of his skin, is always looking for products that cut time and effort from his  daily rigor. The most common skin care concerns for the average men are dryness, sensitivity, looking tired, blocked pores, blemishes and oily skin. Dove’s Men+ Care products, offer a variety of specific solutions and are designed for men’s different skin types and needs. They were designed to care for men’s skin, leaving it feeling clean, smooth and hydrated. The Hydrate+ line offers advanced protection for dry skin, ensuring that skin feels cared for and smooth. While the Sensitive+ range is dermatologist tested and provides soothing relief from dryness. 

My husband has been busy testing out the products mentioned below. If you are interested in a full review of any of the products mentioned, make sure to leave me a comment below. 

Dove Men+ Care Products

Shave Gel Sensitive+:
> A rich, creamy lather  that foams quickly
> Helps prevent discomfort associated with dryness
> Very gentle on the skin
> $4.99 – $5.99 CDN (198g)

Post Shave Balm Hydrate+:
> Moisturizes and helps restore skin’s hydration
> Provides instant relief from discomfort due to dryness
> Skin feels smooth and comfortable
> $8.99 – $9.99 CDN (100ml)

Face Lotion Sensitive+:
> Non-greasy formula
> Provides fast-absorbing moisture & all-day hydration
> $8.99 – $9.99 CDN (50ml)

Deodorant Cool Silver:
Designed to give men protection without compromise
> 48h protection against odor
> Non-irritant, 1/4 moisturizer technology 
> $4.99-$5.99 CDN (85g)
The new Dove Men+ Care range is now available in drug, mass & grocery stores nationwide.