Review: Bioderma Solution Micellaire Sensibio and Sebium H2O

With new and innovative products being launched every single day, I do my fair share of “testing” however I only repurchase those products I know I could never live without. When I first introduced this particular product to my daily beauty routine a few years ago, I immediately knew that it would become one of my skincare staples. The Micelle Solution (Solution Micellaire) by Bioderma is best described as a ultra-mild cleanser & makeup remover that is incredibly gentle on the skin. I use it every morning and night to remove makeup and freshen up my face. It’s not surprising that a bottle of the Bioderma Micelle Solution ($33 CAD/500ml) is sold every 7 seconds worldwide. This product is really THAT good! And now, it’s available with a convenient new pump dispenser and in a larger size (500ml)!
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Application: There is no need to rinse this cleanser off your skin but it is important to gently “dab dry” afterwards with a cotton pad. 
Formulation: What feels and looks like ordinary water actually includes a patented AR Rosactiv complex that works to sooth irritated skin and reduce redness caused by dilated and weakened capillaries (Bioderma Sensibio). Bioderma Sebium for combination/oily skin, deep-cleanses pores and reduces the appearance and development of skin imperfections thanks to its exclusive patented Fluidactiv complex.   
Product Details:
> Daily purifying non-foaming, non-rinse cleanser/makeup remover
> Hydrates and protects the skin
> Leaves no residue behind
> Hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance/alcohol-free
> Soothes irritated skin (Sensibio)
> Reduces the intensity of redness (Sensibio)
> Reduces the appearance of imperfections (Sebium)
> Regulates sebum quality (Sebium)
> Available for sensitive-normal/dry – Sensibio & combination/oily skin – Sebium
> Although this product works great on water-resistant and regular makeup, I would recommend using a different cleanser for the removal of waterproof makeup.
> Made in France. Easy to find in Canada and the UK. If you live in the USA, it is available only through eBay or Amazon.
For a complete look at the ingredients used in this product, head over to my friend Angie’s page here.
BEAUTY TIP: In addition to having squeaky clean skin, I also tribute my long and healthy lashes to this product. With other makeup removers, I used to notice a lot of lashes on my cotton pad after removing my eye makeup. Since using this product, my lashes hardly ever fall out anymore and are visibly stronger and healthier. This product is fantastic! It is suitable for all skin types but I would especially recommend it for people with sensitive, reactive and/or fragile skin. 
bioderma sebium, biodema solution micellaire, bioderma sensibio
bioderma sebium, biodema solution micellaire
bioderma sensibio, biodema solution micellaire
Have you tried Bioderma’s water-based makeup remover/cleanser?
Do you love it as much as I do?