Spring 2013 Hair Trend: Coloured Highlights Using Splat Hair Highlighting Chalk

Just like tattoos or piercings, coloured hair is often seen a reflection of one’s individual personality. Vibrant hair colour in particular, is not going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact, it’s becoming more and more mainstream and has even moved it’s way onto the fashion scene. Permanently changing your hair colour, especially with a bold or intense shade is not always an option for many of us, so a great alternative to achieve those temporary, trendy highlights is to use “hair chalk”.

Splat Hair Chalk is an easy way to add colour highlights to your hair “for the day”. This brand of hair chalk glides on dry (no need to wet hair) and instantly adds just the right amount of colour, to as little or as many strands as you’d like. You have complete creative control! The compact fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, so it is super easy to hold and apply. 

Splat Hair Highlighting Chalk
Dusty Rose (pink), Violet Sky (lavender), Silver Moon (light blue) & Midnight Blue (dark blue)
also available but not pictured: Mint Candy 
I recently used a few of these colours for a recent Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel Challenge and loved the vibrancy and intensity of each shade (especially my favourite – Midnight Blue). The colour lasts for 24 hours or as soon as you decide to wash it out of your hair. I loved the way the coloured highlights looked but really wished that the dye didn’t transfer onto my hands and hair brush so easily. Despite setting the chalk with hairspray before I applied it to each strand, I did experience some fallout… sort of like the “powder when erasing a blackboard”. 

Since Splat Hair Chalk was designed to wash out easily, you really need to be careful near water or in the rain.  Also, to avoid a colourful mess on your pillow/bedding, I would recommend washing your hair before going to bed for the night. Overall, I think this was a pretty good product for the price. It was easy to apply, affordable and really fun to use!

Splat Hair Highlighting Chalk – Pastels – $8.99 CDN
Have you tried Splat Hair Chalk? 
Are there any other brands of hair chalk you’d recommend?