Polysporin Visible Lip Health Therapy: At-Home Spa/Girls Night & Mini Review

As a beauty/lifestyle blogger I often have the privilege of attending preview product launches and other brand events. This time, I hosted Polysporin, Wright Spa, makeup artist Asha E and a few friends (also bloggers) at my place for a fun evening filled with facials, makeup and food. We also got to preview Polysporin’s Lip Health products, two new lip therapy treatments that help heal and hydrate lips.

While things got set up, Danielle, Jenelle, my daughter and I had appetizers, enjoyed some wine (not my 6 year old) and chatted about everything (Ellen, snail eggs, makeup organization…you know typical girl stuff lol). It was a great way to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. The three of us are currently hosting an amazing giveaway along with Amber from Canadian Fashionista, so make sure to check it out and enter to win.

The night kicked off with a demo and short presentation on the lip therapy products, then each of us took turns and were treated to facials, courtesy of Wright Spa, a mobile spa service serving the GTA. We also each received a makeup touch up by makeup artist Asha in the comfort of my own living room. So fun!

Polysporin Visible Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy ($5.99 CDN)
& Overnight Renewal Therapy ($5.99 CDN) 

Polysporin Goodie Bags for Guests and Snacks

Most people don’t realize that Polysporin even makes lip products and think the brand is limited to “first aid” products. The Polysporin Visible Lip Health Daytime Hydration Therapy and Visibile Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy really impressed me and in just 3 days you’ll see clinical results and a healthier pout. Lips are the only skin on our body not protected by an outermost layer and mine specifically are prone to cracking, peeling and dryness. What I love about these new products is that they address the “root” of the issue and don’t work to superficially address concerns like some other lip balms do. 

Visible Lip Health Daytime Hydration Therapy

> Vitamin enriched formula includes a unique combination of antioxidants & essential lipids. Also contains glycerin that retains lip moisture

> Visibly healthier lips in 3 days
> Keeps lips feeling hydrated for over 8 hours
> Reduces the signs and symptoms of dryness (i.e. chapping)
> Paraben-free and free of preservatives/artificial flavours
> Packaged in a tube with 10g of product 
Visible Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy

> Emollient and vitamin enriched formula replenishes essential lipids
> Repairs and nourishes lips with moisture as you sleep
> Thick consistency penetrates deeply & works to correct the cause of dryness
> Packaged in a jar with 7.7g of product
Here are some photos of the night. I didn’t take too many because I was busy enjoying the pampering, but you’ll get the idea. I want to thank Polysporin’s Public Relations team and all those involved for the opportunity to host this fun-filled evening. Additional thanks for the sparkling lemonade and macaroons that were delivered to my doorstep earlier that day and to Wright Spa & Asha for driving out to the Sauga and hanging out with us. 

Jenelle tweeting away & Danielle getting her facial
Mini-Facials by Joanna from Wright Spa
Makeup time with Asha
For more information on these new lip therapy products, visit Polysporin.ca or check out your local drugstore or big box store.