Holiday Scents from the Demeter Fragrance Library: Winter Classics

With the Holidays just around the corner, (can you believe it’s only about 3 weeks away?) Demeter has released a new collection of Winter & Holiday Classic Scents to add to their already extensive fragrance library. I first introduced you to Demeter around this last year when I wrote about my favourite scents for the Holidays, which at the time included Egg Nog & Gingerbread.

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Demeter Fragrances For The Holidays

While I love the fact that Demeter boasts over 250 unique fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences. (i.e. baby powder, blueberry muffin, rain, cannabis flower etc), there are some scents that I prefer to spritz around the house rather than wear on my body. Take for example “Christmas Bouquet” or “Mistletoe”. I like spraying both of these scents directly on the Christmas tree, blankets, fake plants and other decor throughout the house during the Holidays. They make the house smell incredible….very inviting and festive. Other scents like “Sugar Cookie” & “Vanilla Cake Batter” inspire me to get “my bake on” when I wear them and are definitely favourites in my household.

Let’s take a closer look at some of this season’s classic scents from Demeter….which for the record I think would make fantastic stocking stuffers

Christmas Bouquet
The heart of this fragrance is made from natural carnations, which gives it a unique spiciness and creaminess. 

Christmas in New York
Actual Christmas in New York is a special time in a special place. That special moment has been captured in scent. Egg Nog, Spices, Apples and roasting Chestnuts all make it come to life.

Egg Nog
If you love Egg Nog, then you will adore this scent. It’s a delightful, creamy, concoction with touches of nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon. LOVE!

A favourite among men, this deep, rich and full bodied exotic scent has a touch of spice and a woody feel.

This scent was recognized by the Fragrance Foundation as the Best Fragrance in America in 2000 and was awarded two FiFi Awards. (the fragrance version of an Oscar) The essence of “Snow” was captured after years of production….it is chilling, cool, clean and fresh with a touch of dust and earth. There is nothing quite like it outside of the Demeter Fragrance Library. 

Sugar Cookie
Sweet & simple, this heavenly scent smells like freshly baked Sugar Cookies. Yum. 

Demeter Fragrances: Christmas Bouquet, Christmas in new York & Egg Nog – $15 CDN/30ml 
Demeter Fragrances: Mahogany, Sugar Cookie & Snow – $15 CDN/30ml 

Demeter Fragrances have no binders, artificial colours, phthalates or emulsifiers and are made mostly from ingredients derived from natural or renewable resources. You can order from the Demeter website online (they ship to Canada) or look out for them at select Loblaw stores across the country.