Lush Holiday 2013: Bath Bomb, Bubble Bar Shower Gel, Lip Tint and More!

LUSH releases the same fabulous Holiday products every year and this year they’ve also added some new additions to their festive bestsellers list. I have a few of this year’s goodies to share with you today and I’ve also added some others to my Boxing Day wish list (see bottom of post to see what I’ll be picking up on Thursday)I’m pretty organized on Boxing Day but my routine does vary each year depending on what I’m looking for. Some years, I focus on Holiday decor (i.e. wrapping paper, ornaments) or clothing items while other years I tend to look for something specific like a household or electronic item. Every year however, I make sure to stop by LUSH Cosmetics. They reduce their seasonal products significantly after Christmas and that’s when I stock up on limited edition Holiday favourites that are not avialable year round (i.e. Snow Fairy Shower Gel). Let’s take a quick look at what I’ve been testing out lately…
LUSH Holiday Products 2013
The Christmas Penguin is a festive bubble bar that is shaped like an actual penguin. Like all other bubble bars, this one also crumbles into pieces under running bath water and creates the most luxurious bubbles. It smells very fresh… almost citrusy and turns your bath water a pretty baby blue colour. If you like Olive Branch Shower Gel, you may actually recognize the orange/bergamot fragrance.

Bombardino is a bath bomb inspired by a hot après-ski drink enjoyed in the ski resorts of the Italian Alps”. It’s the perfect treat after an exhausting day! Fragranced with Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla absolute and containing bits of cocoa butter, this bath bomb smells like a lemony cheesecake and works well at softening Winter skin.

Bombardino ($5.25 CDN/90g) & The Christmas Penguin ($7.45 CDN/3.5 oz.)
I really like LUSH’s lip scrubs (they are made from natural sugar) but to be honest, Santa’s Lip Scrub isn’t my favourite. I like the colour and smattering of cool red hearts throughout but am not a huge fan of the cola flavour… which I believe comes from cherry and date extracts. The scrub does a good job of softening and smoothing chapped lips and gently exfoliating any rough, dry pieces of skin. Coconut oil in this product also moisturizes and helps prep lips for gloss or lipstick. I’m just not too drawn to the scent. 

Santa Baby Lip Tint has the same cola flavour and rich red pigment that the lip scrub does only it’s scent is not as strong and much more bearable. I actually really like the lip stain and think it makes my lips look fabulous without having to use any lip products. The colour is bright red in the pot but stains the lips more of a Christmas-y crimson red. Santa Baby would also work well as a cheek tint. 

LUSH Santa’s Lip Scrub ($8.95CDN/25g) & Santa Baby ($8.95 CDN/8g)
LUSH Santa’s Lip Scrub (note: the edible hearts)

The uber popular and beloved Rose Jam Shower Gel (limited edition – available only until December 25th) has returned this season! This decadent and rosy shower gel is chalk full of a real vanilla pod infusion, gogi berry juice and nourishing argan oil and leaves skin moisturized and smelling “like a rose garden”. Trust me….pick up one of these shower gels next time you are at the mall…you will love it. 

Rose Jam Shower Gel – $10.95 CDN / 100ml
*source – LUSH website (mine’s in the shower)
FUN is LUSH’s multi-purpose shampoo, soap, bubble bath and moldable toy. This season, LUSH’s best-selling honey-toffee fragrance is paired with gold luster to create this special limited edition version of FUN. This product has a warm, creamy scent and is fun/easy to use. My daughter loves the gold glitter and the scent! If you are a fan of Honey I Washed the Kids soap, you will enjoy this product too.
Gold FUN – What a Softy! $6.95 CDN/250g
My Boxing Day Wish List

> Cinders Bath Bomb (it actually crackles like a fireplace!) – $4.95/90g
> Sandy Santa (buffs & polishes dull winter skin to reveal a bright, toned complexion) – $9.95/130g
> Snow Fairy Shower Gel (I get this product every year!) – $19.95/250ml
> Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (it got a cute makeover this year) – $7.45/100g
> Celebrate Body Lotion (a best seller in Japan and finally in North America) – $29.95/220g
Did you get anything from Lush’s 2013 Christmas collection? 

What will you be picking up on Boxing Day?