REVIEW: Garnier Fructis Full & Plush Range Promises Thicker, Fuller Hair!

Last week, I shared with you that I recently became a Viviscal Ambassador and am taking daily supplements to help grow out my hair and give it more fullness. Whether we have fine or normal hair, the majority of us women today wish our hair was thicker and more voluminous. A few days ago, Garnier Fructis launched Full & Plush – the 1st ever hair care range with fibra-cylaneTM (a patented hair-thickening molecule) and pomegranate (a nutrient-rich super fruit). I thought I would give it a try since I’m a sucker for Garnier products (they smell AH-MAAZING!) but mostly because I was curious to see whether I noticed any immediate results. The new range consists of a shampoo & conditioner as well as styling products that are intended to boost overall hair-mass. Think fuller, thicker hair that’s full of life! Yes, please!



How it Works

Fructis’ active fruit concentrate combines fruit acids, fructose, glucose and vitamins B3 & B6 to fortify your hair and give it both strength and shine. Fibra-cylaneTM injects density into each hair fiber which expands to thicken the hair cuticle from within. These products have been designed to build thickness wash and wash but most people (8 out of 10 consumer reviews to be exact) notice results after just 1 application.  

The Full & Plush Routine Consists of:

Fortifying Shampoo – Full & Plush – $5.29 

Fortifying Conditioner – Full & Plush – $5.29 

Ends Plumper Amplifying Serum – $5.79  

Voluptuous Blow-Out Treatment – $5.79 

Root Amp Spray – $5.49 

The Full & Plush Shampoo & Conditioner are both lightweight and non-greasy. I especially love the conditioner, which has a melting texture that leaves my hair tangle-free and supple. I did notice that my hair felt fuller after just one use (nothing heavy…..just denser if that makes sense?). I usually use some sort of treatment or heat-protectant cream in my hair while it is still damp and before I blow dry it. The Full & Plush version of this is their Voluptuous Blow-Out Treatment which is rich, creamy and creates volume and lift at the roots. I really love the texture of this product and think it does a great job of prepping my hair for heat or styling. On “2nd day” or unwashed hair I’ve been adding a few drops of the Ends Plumper Amplifying Serum to my ends – it works to thicken and strengthen thinned-out ends that lack lustre and fullness. And finally to round out the range, the Root Amp Spray combines the precise application of a spray and the body building power of a mousse to provide instant fullness to your hair. I’m not a huge fan of this product, but to be fair, I usually steer clear of hybrids like this one. Thin-haired beauties may like it though? Overall this new range is really impressive. It’s budget-friendly, smells delicious and does a great job of adding fullness and volume to your hair.