Stress Relief: Bath & Body Works to the Rescue?

You all know how much I love the Bath & Body Works Slatkin & Co. 3-wick candles. I love burning them all year round to fragrance my home and feel relaxed. Burning candles is the best way to fill your home with your favorite scents. I was speaking to one of my friends this morning and she told me that she has recently bought a haul of exciting new candles from I cannot wait to hear all about them next time we meet. Who knows, she might even let me borrow one! Lately, though I’ve needed a little bit more in the relaxation department and decided to invest in a few stress-relief aromatherapy products. I chose the Eucalyptus Spearmint Pillow Mist and smoothing Body Scrub from Bath & Body Works. 

I wonder if these will really help me relax and think more clearly like they claim?

Have you tried either of these products?