The 2013 GOLDEN Globe Awards featuring St. Tropez

The stars were a-glow this year at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards thanks to St. Tropez. Custom skin finishing treatments were created for Amy Poehler, Sienna Miller, Connie Britton, Kelly Osbourne and Anna GunnGolden Globe Host Amy Poehler sported an all over, natural tan to complement her many dress changes throughout the evening. 

St. Tropez is the original natural-looking self-tanning range currently on the market, winning countless awards for their infectious products. Their international skin care and tanning expert Fiona Locke created custom tans for Hollywood’s elite as they prepared to walk the red carpet. Keep reading to see how she achieved their sun-kissed looks.

Amy Poehler 
“Amy has a very fair skin tone and light hair colour so it was important to give her a glow that wouldn’t be too harsh, but would still give her a hue to complement her outfit changes throughout the night”. Her red carpet glow was achieved by using the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse ($38.00 / 120ml) with the Applicator Mitt ($7.50).  The mousse’s velvety texture allowed for an ultra-even colour that delivered a natural yet vibrant look.”

Sienna Miller
“Sienna has a very beautiful English skin tone so I wanted to keep her color very light and dewy. My goal was to give a gentle hint of colour that would enhance her natural beauty and complement her gown”. The key to her look was the St. Tropez Rose Skin Illuminator, which was used to highlight her cheekbones, arms, shoulders and décolletage. The St. Tropez Perfect Legs Spray ($22.50) was also used on Sienna to maintain a subtle glow.

Connie Britton
“Connie was wearing gold and I definitely wanted to make sure her skin tone would have a golden colour but I went very natural with the hue. I blended her tones to give light to her skin during this winter season.” St.Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Body Lotion ($22.50) with the Applicator Mitt ($7.50), was applied to Connie’s skin and blended thoroughly. Her face was patted very lightly with the mitt to produce that hint of colour.

Kelly Osbourne
“I wanted to give Kelly a dramatic look for the red carpet. She has such flawless skin and I wanted to enhance it with a deeper color. During the winter it can be challenging to keep your complexion warm and glowing so I used the Dark Formula on Kelly to create a stunning red carpet moment.“ St.Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse ($54.00) with the Applicator Mitt ($7.50) was used all over Kelly’s skin in a circular motion. “This formula is perfect for fair skinned beauties wanting a dramatic transformation.”

Anna Gunn
“Anna was wearing a shade of coral which can be a tricky colour so we decided to give her a very subtle contrast with a soft, warm glow to bring the whole look together.” To achieve Anna’s look, apply St.Tropez Self Tan Dark Mousse ($54.00) with the Applicator Mitt to the arms, chest and face for a sun kissed glow.The flawless formula is easy to use and glides smoothly onto the skin. Exfoliating prior with the St. Tropez Tan Optimiser Body Polish ($25.00) is the secret to achieving an even application of colour.

Fiona Locke is one of the most sought-after self tan experts in the world, having worked with the film, television, beauty and fashion industries’ top names. As a licensed cosmetologist, Locke works with A-list clients to obtain the perfect skin finish for a naturally glamorous radiance – which is a must for celebrities walking the red carpet. 

St. Tropez products are available at select salons, spas and Sephora locations nationwide.