My Personal Scar Journey and Why I Love Bio-Oil!

If you know me personally, you know that I was diagnosed with Cancer last November and had surgery that left an unsightly scar on the front of my neck. This is the first time I am talking openly about my diagnosis and sharing my personal experience with my readers. It has been quite a traumatic year for me….from getting the surprising news about my diagnosis to undergoing surgery within a few short weeks of finding out, to having to undergo radiation treatment and the recovery which is ongoing until my medications are all sorted out ….this year hasn’t exactly been pretty. Thank goodness for my husband, supportive family and great friends! 
Every day since the operation (ok, I may have missed a few), I have been applying Bio Oil to my scar. I chose this brand because Bio-Oil has a reputation of being the best-selling scar and stretch mark product on the market and is widely recommended by Doctors and Pharmacists worldwide. My scar is still in the healing stage and has not yet matured. So far, Bio-Oil has softened its appearance and has helped in keeping my scar well-nourished and looking less red/irritated...(FYI – It’s a hypertrophic scar -which means it’s elevated). Maybe someday I’ll post an update and share pictures? Regardless of how things turn out with the scar, I will always have a bottle of this stuff in my house. Even if you don’t have stretch marks or a scar like I do, you may just find a reason to use it yourself!  

Bio-Oil $12.99 CDN – 60ml
Other Sizes Also Available: $21.99 CDN/125ml & $29.99 CDN/200ml

With regular and dedicated application, Bio-Oil helps to improve uneven skin tone which may result from excessive sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations and/or pregnancy. It is also effective against other skin concerns like aging and dehydrated skin. Take a look at the numerous ways you can incorporate this product into your beauty routine: 

Why Use Bio Oil?:

Helps improve the appearance of existing stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone 

> A few drops make an effective Makeup Remover and Lash Conditioner
Helps keep skin soft and smooth when added to bath water (Bath Oil) or when used to shave the legs (Shave Oil) 
> Excellent head-to-toe Moisturizer 
Can be used as a lip balm for stubborn dry lips
> Helps condition nails & cuticles
Formulated to maximize skin’s elasticity 
> Contains Vitamins A & E; Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary & Chamomile Oils; breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil; 

Bio-Oil with Breakthrough Ingredient PurCellin Oil
Have you ever tried this product? What do you use it for?
Do you know of any other “scar products” I should check out?
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