Give Your Skincare a Boost with Clarins Boosters!

Every once in a while all of us can use a little boost. When it comes to our skin, Clarins Boosters ($40 CAD/15 ml) give you the option to personalize your skin care or foundation and make your favourite products that much better! Imagine your moisturizer, serum or foundation kicked up a notch! Our skin needs different things at different times. That’s why personalizing your routine is such a genius idea. Just add 3-5 drops of one of the Boosters below to your favourite product when you need it most to experience added beauty and skin care benefits.



Orange Booster = Energy

A few drops of these toning and re-energizing drops mixed in with your foundation, serum, night cream or moisturizer will bring new life to fatigued skin. Do you stay up all night, travel frequently or burn the candle at both ends? This booster with ginseng extract can help wake up your skin and make it look more rested.


Green Booster = Detox

Does pollution, partying or over-indulgence have your skin feeling like a hot mess? Formulated for congested skin, the Detox booster works to detoxify and purify the skin. It contains green coffee extracts to help recharge and clarify skin that has endured a lot of stress.


Blue Booster = Repair

This highly concentrated formula of mimosa tenuiflora repairs weakened skin that has been exposed to sun, extreme climates, chlorinated water and other elements. It helps to diminish redness and feelings of discomfort without having to change out the products that work for you. Just add a few drops to what you already love and voila!

A few years ago, I tried the #ClarinsBooster called Radiance-Plus Golden Glow BoosterA few drops of that Booster added to my body lotion or moisturizer created a warm, sun-kissed effect. What I like most about the Radiance Plus and these new Boosters is that you don’t have to change-up your routine when your skin needs a little something extra. They can easily be added to your routine and can be customized to use as little or as often as you want. Whether your skin needs a detox, some TLC because it stayed out in the Sun too long or is just exhausted from whirlwind travel, these drops give your skincare and foundation a little “boost” when you need it most. Very clever if you ask me!