Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick/Lipcolours – VIVIDS

Another wonderful (and bright!) addition to the Spring line-up this year are these Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolours- Vivids available in drugstores now. These lipsticks come in 8 saturated shades (10 shades in the USA) ranging from baby pink to fire engine red, and promise to brighten up any room or mood.  

Color Sensational Vivids ($7.49 US/$9.99 CDN) are highly pigmented lipsticks. The bright colour you see in the tube is what you can expect to see on the lips. They apply creamy and deliver rich and gorgeous coverage. And since they are formulated with honey nectar, they are very hydrating to boot! 

I decided to pick up 2: Pink Pop and Vivid Rose. While they are both out of my comfort zone, I love the way these look and feel on the lips. Bright colours have always been harder for me to wear, but paired with the right outfit, you really can’t go wrong!

Colour Selection:
> Pink Pop #860 – Baby Pink
> Fuchsia Flash # 865 – Hot Pink Fuchsia
> Shocking Coral #870 – Coral Pink
> Vivid Rose #875 – Rosy Pink
> Electric Orange #880 – Orange
> Vibrant Mandarin #885 – Orangey Red
> On Fire Red – #895 – Vibrant Red
> Hot Plum #900 – Purple Fuchsia 

> 8 shades above as well as the following:
> Neon Red #890
> Brazen Berry #905

Top: Vivid Rose / Bottom: Pink Pop
For a complete look at each shade, swatches on the lips & other amazing photos, check out Beautezine’s review here.