Indulge with Moroccanoil Body Buff & Body Soufflé: Your Skin Deserves It!

Moroccanoil has released a wonderful line of Argan oil infused skin products and if these new body products are anything like their professional haircare line, we’ll all be hooked in no time. The new Body Buff is a gel-based body scrub enriched with Argan oil, orange peel, essential oils (i.e. sweet almond, safflower, sesame, avocado, grape seed) and vitamin E. The luxurious exfoliant polishes away dead skin cells while hydrating and nourishing skin, improving overall texture and tone.  It also has powerful anti-oxidants, a natural astringent and an amazing orange scent. The Body Soufflé is a rich body moisturizer that is super hydrating, leaving skin soft and smooth. It absorbs quickly and is delicately fragranced with Moroccanoil’s signature scent. Argan oil, Shea butter and Aloe Vera leave skin resilient and drenched with moisture.
Moroccanoil Body Soufflé & Body Buff
Moroccanoil Body Buff – $42 CDN / 180ml
Moroccanoil Body Buff
Moroccanoil Body Soufflé – $52 CDN / 190ml
Moroccanoil Body Soufflé
Moroccanoil Body Products – Packaging

Recommendations for Use:

Body Buff
Massage in a circular motion to either dry or damp skin until absorbed. Concentrate on areas prone to rough or dry patches. Then, buff and rinse off in the shower.
 Body Soufflé 

Apply daily after cleansing to lock in moisture and immediately replenish skin.