Review: Oxygen PUR Oxygen Skin Serum

Oxygen Pur is the first 100% chemical free, ultra oxygenated skin serum that I’ve ever come across. From what I’ve read about oxygen therapy, medical professionals have been prescribing it for decades for its rejuvenating properties. Oxygen therapy has become one of the fastest growing anti-aging treatments in the beauty, health and wellness industry today. Oxygen Pur age-defying serums have the power to stimulate skin cell metabolism and maximize skin restoration. They deliver ultra-high levels of dissolved oxygen directly into the deeper layers of the skin (dermis). They also increase cell respiration, resulting in skin that is instantly renewed & revitalized. Want to find out if this serum lived up to it’s hype? Keep reading… 

Oxygen Serum is a clear, odourless gel packed with a long list of benefits. All you really need is a “pea sized” amount of this product to make your skin feel hydrated and smooth. It absorbs quickly into the skin and keeps skin nourished and feeling fresh. Rapid absorption not only reduces fine lines and wrinkles but also stimulates collagen production and cell renewal. My skin does feel a bit sticky a few minutes after I apply this but oddly enough, the “tacky feeling” does not last long. The longer this product stays on the skin, the better it seems to feel. It’s strange that way, but you can really feel how firm yet subtle the skin feels after it’s had a chance to fully penetrate. Although the serum is appropriate for daily use (morning & night), I only use it once a day and allow it to fully absorb before applying additional products/makeup. Since incorporating this serum into my routine, I noticed how easily I seemed to shed dead skin without having to use an exfoliator. As a result, my skin looks more youthful, clean and radiant while feeling refreshed and hydrated.

I held off on doing this review for 6 weeks for two main reasons… I was doing the Vichy Challenge in April and I also wanted to give the product an opportunity to work it’s magic. I had high expectations for this product (did you know it is highly recommended after cosmetic procedures to promote rapid healing) due to recent scarring on my face and neck and it didn’t let me down. 

Benefits of Oxygen Pur Serum:

> Optimizes skin cell repair
> Stimulates collagen & elastin production
> Promotes cell respiration & renewal 
> Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, age spots and blotchy skin
Plumps facial skin from the inside out
> Reduces the effects of free radical damage (i.e. environmental/pollution, foods, sun exposure)
> Rejuvenates and visibly firms the skin for a more youthful looking, radiant appearance
Enhances the skin’s protective barrier
> Provides an innovative alternative to chemicals or surgery
> Slows the aging process
> Pure & natural product with no harmful chemicals (paraben/phthalate/sulfate/fragrance/perfluorocarbon/gluten free)
> Hypo-allergenic, noncomedogenic & non-irritating
> Recommended for woman or men of all ages with all skin types 

OxygenPUR Serum
OxygenPUR Oxygen Serum – $80 CDN/ 2.7 fl oz
(approximate 2 month supply if used 2x/day as recommended)
OxygenPUR serums are available at 5-star spas, destination resorts, specialty retailers, cosmetic surgery clinics, medi-spas, wellness centers and aesthetic salons & studios.

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For more information on this product visit the OxygenPUR website.