The Perfect Summer Fragrance from Demeters Fragrance Library

I recently created my own personal Demeter Fragrance combination at a local launch eventWith over 250 fragrances to choose from, the Demeter Fragrance Library has some of the most unique and personal scents I’ve ever come across (i.e. Dirt, Holy Water, Grass, Swimming Pool, Laundromat, Blueberry Muffin, Gin & Tonic, etc). Even though some of these fragrances sound as though they wouldn’t smell too appealing on their own…combining them together can create some unique and fragrant scents! With many options to sample that night, I ended up selecting Sunshine & Dragon Fruit. When combined, these two scents created the most beautiful Summer fragrance.

Demeter fragrances come in a variety of sizes and product options including cologne sprays, perfume oils, body lotion, massage oils and more. Interested in seeing what other scents are available? Be sure to check out the Demeter website here.
Demeter Fragrances Sunshine & Dragon Fruit – $20 CDN/30ml
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