Butter London Nail Lacquer Collection for Fall 2013 – Color Clash: Review, Photos & Swatches

Leave it to Butter London to be different! Preview images and swatches of their latest nail lacquer collection for Fall/Winter has everyone buzzing. Color Clash, available in stores now, includes unconventional shades that are bold, vibrant and not what you’d typically expect to see for colder temperatures. Let’s be real….not everyone prefers bright colours and neons in the Summer or dark, vampy shades in the Fall. This “anything but ordinary” collection is a great alternative and I personally love that it doesn’t play by the rules!

Butter London Color Clash Collection Fall/Winter 2013
Butter London Color Clash – Bold, Bright, Opaque Lacquers

Color Clash features 6 opaque, bold shades (5 new & 1 we’ve seen before) that include half-tones mixed with whitened pastels and polyester brights. Here are all of the details, photos and swatches of 3 of the shades: 

Cake-Hole (Re-promote)
Cake Hole is an opaque nearly-neon pink cream. A “Cake Hole” is 1960s British slang that refers to one’s mouth…and the desire for it to remain closed. I love anything neon and this polish is no exception. I’ve been pairing it with neutral or darker clothing to add a pop of colour to my outfits.

Cotton Buds (New)
Cotton Buds is an opaque pure white cream. A “Cotton Bud” refers to a wad of cotton wool fixed to a small stick that is used for cleaning. Whites are right on trend for Fall and will be making a HUGE statement this year. A good white is essential: it can brighten any colour it’s placed under, make a great base colour for creating nail art or can be worn alone!

Giddy Kipper (New)
Giddy Kipper is an opaque indigo shimmer. A “Giddy Kipper” refers to someone who is overly excited. Fans of blue polish will want to check out this shade. It has a gorgeous subtle shimmer and can easily transition into the Fall.

Pimms (New)
Pimms is an opaque sunflower yellow crème. “Pimms” is a Gin-based liquor, almost as popular as English tea. This is officially my new favourite yellow! Most yellows are streaky and hard to pull off, but not this one. Two coats and you’re good to go.

Silly Billy (New)
Silly Billy is an opaque fire orange crème. A “Silly Billy” is a popular clown at British fairs or a nickname for anyone named William. This is another great transitional colour that would be perfect for a cooler temperature pedicure.   

Wellies (New)
Wellies is an opaque grass green cream. “Wellies” is a very popular rain boot often seen in Britain. This is one of the nicest “chartreuse” shades I’ve seen in a long while. It reminds me of the OPI Shrek colours released a few years ago but Wellies is far less yellow and more wearable than those. 

Butter London Color Clash Collection – PIMMS – $15 USD/$17 CDN – 11ml
Butter London Color Clash Collection – WELLIES– $15 USD/$17 CDN – 11ml
Butter London Color Clash Collection – CAKE HOLE – $15 USD/$17 CDN – 11ml
Color Clash Nail Lacquers from Butter London
Butter London Color Clash Collection
First Three Swatches with Matte Top Coat L-R: Pimms, Wellies & Cake-Hole
Last Three Swatches with no Top Coat L-R: Pimms, Wellies & Cake-Hole
The Entire Collection

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a pretty big fan of this collection. The polishes I tried were perfectly opaque in 2 coats and lasted more than a week without chipping. I prefer cream-based polishes as opposed to glitters and shimmers, so for me, the omission of these in this collection is fine by me. 

Butter London can be purchased at The Bay here in Canada or online here.  In the USA, Butter London is available at Ulta stores or online here. 

What do you think of this collection?

Are you a fan of wearing bright colours in the Fall?