#SonicRevolution: Clarisonic Brush Systems Explained + Full Review (Featuring Photos of the ARIA)

Beautiful skin begins with cleaner skin. Clarisonic, the sonic-powered brush system, is THE cleansing device that has managed to achieve cult status since it’s initial launch back in 2004. In the blogging world, this basically means that a product has a very impressive reputation and a passionate/dedicated fan base. I bought my first Clarisonic (the Mia) a few years ago and after the initial week long “purge phase” (more on that later), my skin has never looked better. 
Deciding on which of the Clarisonic luxury gadgets to make the financial investment on is a thoughtful choice so make sure you’re armed with all of the necessary information beforehand. There are a variety of systems available to suit your price range and your individualized skincare needs. With a sonic-cleansing frequency of more than 300 movements per second (it feels like a gentle vibration) and a sonic infusion frequency of 125 touches per second, Clarisonic systems use groundbreaking technology to deliver the ultimate clean. By gently penetrating deep within the skin, the unit works to loosen dirt and oil while the back-and-forth oscillating motion of the inner brush effectively cleans, clarifies, and stimulates the skin. 
Below is a quick summary of what sets each Clarisonic device apart from the other followed by a full review detailing my experience since joining the #sonicRevolution.  
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Clarisonic Mia ($119 USD/$139 CAD)
> The smallest and most affordable unit 
> Doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles” but does a great job of cleansing 
> Great option for travel (comes with a universal voltage charger) 
> 1 “universal” speed
Comes with a sensitive brush head
> Comes in a variety of colour options (and limited edition patterns) 
Has a 20 minute rechargeable battery life
> Has a 1 year warranty
Clarisonic Mia 2 ($149 USD/$175 CAD)
> Same features as the Mia but has 2 speeds (delicate & universal)
Comes with a protective travel case
> Has a 2 year warranty
Clarisonic Aria ($199 USD/$225 CAD)
> Has 3 speeds (delicate, universal & powerful)
> Comes in either white, pink or black
> Comes with a drying stand/charging base and wall adapter
> Comes with a USB-enabled universal voltage pLink charger 
> Includes a sensitive brush head
> Has a 30 minute rechargeable battery life
> Has a 2 year warranty

Clarisonic Plus ($225 USD/$259 CAD)
> The super-deluxe model
Can be used on the face OR the body 
> Has 3 speeds (delicate, universal & powerful + a Body Mode (Normal/Pulse)
> Includes a universal voltage charging cradle
> Comes in white or pink on Sephora.ca (may be available in other colours elsewhere?)
> Comes with a sensitive brush head & a body brush 

Has a 30 minute rechargeable battery life
> Has a 2 year warranty
*  The Gray version of the Clarisonic Mia, Mia2 and Plus all come with a Normal Brush Head
** All systems include a trial size of cleanser
Clarisonic Brush Head Options:

There are a number of brush head options available to use with your Clarisonic. All of the units come with the Sensitive Brush, which is a great intro brush for sonic cleansing. The following other brushes are also available and sold separately.
1) Delicate (light blue)

2) Normal (light gray)
3) Deep Pore (aqua ring)
4) Acne (green ring)
5) Body (only works on the Plus) 

To take care of your brush and keep it clean in between uses, rinse well with warm water and an antibacterial soap. It is also recommended that you replace your brush head every three months. I usually get mine at Sephora or The Bay
Clarisonic, Clarisonic Review, Clarisonic Brush Heads, Clarisonic Cleasning Tool, Clarisonic System, Sonic Revolution
Clarisonic Brush Heads: A Comparison
photo credit: Dillards.com
Taking care of my skin has always been a priority of mine. For over two decades, I’ve engaged in a thorough routine that involved cleansing, toning, eye care and a moisturizer. Since I started blogging, I added exfoliation, masques and serum use to my routine. Some of you may know that I’ll be turning 40 this year. In addition to me not getting any younger, trying many different products as a blogger can certainly take it’s toll on the skin. So, now, more than ever, I need to ensure I’m doing what I can to give my skin the care and attention it deserves. 
The Clarisonic provides a deep clean. This may cause some skin irritation (i.e. redness, sensitivity) at first, and this can happen for a number of reasons. Firstly the skin is not used to being cleansed so thoroughly. It can also occur if you use the Clarisonic too often, use too strong of a brush head or too strong of a setting. Also, each time you use the Clarisonic to cleanse your skin, pore-clogging dirt, oil and bacteria is lifted to the surface which may cause minor breakouts. This “purge” phase didn’t last very long for me but can vary from person to person depending on how your skin reacts. After 7-10 days, any sign of redness and all my whiteheads were gone. I recommend using the sensitive brush (even if you’re skin is not normally sensitive) when initially introducing this device to your skin. If the unit you have or are considering purchasing has different settings, I also recommend starting on the lowest one until your skin adjusts to it and you work up a tolerance.  
Although Clarisonic claims that it is gentle enough to use 2x/day, I only use my Clarisonic Aria (I’ve since upgraded from the Mia) once a day before bed. The Aria works automatically so you don’t have to do anything but turn it on. It targets different parts of the face for 60 seconds….20 seconds for the forehead, 10 seconds for each cheek and 20 seconds for the nose. The unit will beep after each section of the face is complete so you know when to move onto the next area. 1 minute is all you need to get squeaky clean skin. After cleansing my face, my night cream and serum seem to just sink right in. The brush bristles are very soft and because they are oscillating so quickly, you can hardly even feel them moving. I love it!
The biggest difference between this device and other handheld exfoliating tools on the market is that this one vibrates (rather than rotates) and its much more gentle on the skin. I prefer to use my own cleansers as opposed to the ones that come with the unit. Another tip is to not “press” down onto the skin when using it. This is a common mistake that should be avoided. I just glide it across the contours of my face and let the bristles work their magic.

As I mentioned above, my skin has been feeling and looking great. It’s clear, smooth and aside from minor issues with fine lines and hyper-pigmentation, it looks healthier then ever. Gently exfoliating and thoroughly cleansing with the Aria has not only improved the texture and tone of my skin, but it has also increased the effectiveness of the products geared towards my skin type/concern. My skin looks better and because there are no dead skin cells in the way, skin care products absorb better and therefore work better!
Why Use a Clarisonic?
> Great for all skin types
> Removes 6x more dirt, oil and makeup than regular cleansing
> Helps clear up dry patches and reduces the appearance of oily areas
> Helps clear up acne/blemishes
> Reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines 
> Increases the absorption and effectiveness of your skincare products 
> Leaves skin feeling soft & smooth
> Improves skins tone and reduces redness
> Comes with a 2 year product warranty and 90-day money back guarantee
Clarisonic, Clarisonic Review, Clarisonic Brush Head, Clarisonic Cleasning Tool, Clarisonic System, Sonic Revolution
Clarisonic Aria (Sensitive Brush Head)
Clarisonic, Clarisonic Review, Clarisonic Brush, Clarisonic Cleasning Tool, Clarisonic System, Sonic Revolution
Clarisonic Aria (Settings)
Clarisonic, Clarisonic Review, Clarisonic Brush, Clarisonic Cleasning Tool, Clarisonic System, Sonic Revolution
Clarisonic Aria (on stand)
Have you tried the Clarisonic? 
What do you use to currently cleanse your skin?