SAJE REVIEW: Neublizers, Diffuser Blends & Pocket Pharmacy

Saje Natural Wellness is a Canadian owned and operated company co-founded by Jean-Pierre & Kate Ross LeBlanc that has been around for over 20 years. It wasn’t until very recently however, that I even knew who they even were. I also had no idea what an important part they would eventually play in my life. Saje offers natural remedies to common ailments like headaches, pain, stress, eczema and more. Their oil blends can uplift your mood, improve your mental well-being and even elevate your productivity. It would be an understatement to say that Saje products have managed to improve my well-being. I am not the healthiest person…..I tend to worry over small things and I get wound up pretty easily. I’m also no stranger to headaches, food and environmental allergies, indigestion, lack of energy, anxiety and chronic fatigue. When I first heard about Saje, I was quite skeptical. I thought to myself, how could this one brand treat all of my issues using only the healing power of plants and all natural ingredients? Since then, and after doing my fair share of research, Saje has become a part of my everyday routine. My home always has a Neublizer running (in fact my husband even purchased his own after falling in love with mine) and I always keep their Pocket Pharmacy (more details below) in my handbag.

Saje products contain essential oils that have been distilled from various species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves and trees. They have numerous products to choose from including rollerball remedies, diffuser blends, room sprays, body lotions/scrubs and even teas. Not sure what to get? Don’t worry…store staff provide education and product recommendations to ensure that you are paired up with the right product (s). Below is a list of common ailments:

? Allergies & Asthma (Relief of Symptom, Reduce Reactions)

? Cold & Flu (Head Cold, Chest Cold, Flu, Immune Boost)

? Digestion (Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Gas, Nausea)

? Headache (Tension, Migraine, Stress)

? Pain (Muscular, Arthritis, Fibromyalgaia, Injury)

? Skin Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, Rash, Age Spots, Stretch Marks)

? Sleep (Insomnia, Snoring, Wakefullness, Restlessness)

? Detox (weight Loss, Craving, Cellulite)

? Hormonal Health (Mood Swings, Hot Flashes, PMS, Menopause)

? Stress & Relaxation (Anxiety, Tension, Burnout, High Blood Pressure, S.A.D)

? Weight Loss (Cravings, Addiction, Cellulite Balance, Blood Sugar Levels)

? Yoga & Fitness (Relax, Balance)

? Aphrodisiac (Libido, Sensual)

? Energy (Lethargy, Fatigue, Lack of Concentration, ADD, ADHD)

? Sun, Travel & Outdoors (Hydrate, Protect, Smooth)

? Memory (Attention, Focus)

How Saje Neublizers Work

Saje has a variety of ceramic diffusers available in different sizes and styles. I have the Deluxe Ultrasonic Neublizer ($129.95 CAD) in white and my husband has the Aromaom Neublizer ($79.95 CAD) in black. Both neublizers feature a ceramic design and work the same way however the deluxe model has a bigger water tank and a few extra features that I’ll explain soon. To use the neublizer, you need to fill it with water, plug it in to an outlet, then add about 10 drops of the essential oil of your choosing and enjoy! Neublizers are air purifiers and humidifiers that reduce dust and other allergens in your home. They smell incredible and they create the most relaxing & therapeutic atmosphere! I’ve received so many compliments on how good my house smells when people are over to visit but more importantly, the neublizer helps me get a restful sleep and feel calmer. They say that relaxation can improve libido and aid in an aphrodisiac like effect. Maybe this is why some have reported enjoying a better sex life accompanied by porn while its in use. If you’re interested check out a useful pornsite to try, Enjoy your stay at the nu bay porn site. My friend was telling me the other day about a natural aphrodisiac called the Spanish Fly check out this article at myaphrodisiacs if you’re interested to learn more.
*the Deluxe Model includes a 300ml water tank, runs for 7.5 hours on high (or 20 hours on low), has 3 timer settings and a soft LED light that changes colours. The smaller Aromaom model has a 100ml water tank, a yellow LED light and 3-6 hour running time. There are also 10 other neublizer styles to choose from.
Diffuser Blends
Saje has a good selection of diffuser blends available including Eucalyptus, Energy & Tea Tree. I opted for the Signature Selection Deluxe Diffuser Blend set ($79.95 CAD), which has 10 essential oil varieties nestled in a beautiful magnetic box set. The size of each oil is half the size of the oil blends that you can purchase separately (5 ml vs. 10ml) however with this kit, you get to sample different scents which is great if you are experimenting to determine which oils work best for you and which appeal to your senses. The collection includes 8 best-sellers (Liquid Sunshine, Yoga, Tranquility, Unwind, Spa Spirit, Tantra, Rain Forest & Refresh) and 2 new blends (Glow & Bloom). Each blend includes a cocktail of natural ingredients like rosewood, ylang ylang, neroli, rose, vanilla, peppermint, and much more. My family’s favourites include Unwind, a combination of orange, bergamot, lavender, geranium and cinnamon and Spa Spirit, infused with grapefruit, eucalyptus, benzoin & peru balsam.
diffuser-blend-saje-signature-collectionPocket Pharmacy
This little gem has saved me a few times already and now I don’t leave home without it! I would recommend Pocket Pharmacy ($49.95 CAD) to anyone who suffers from tension, headaches and/or pain. It’s the perfect starter kit if you are looking to try Saje roll-ons as it includes their extremely popular “headache zapper” Peppermint Halo as well as 4 other roll-ons. I’ve taken less or no medication for headaches since being introduced to Peppermint Halo. It is such a genius product! Just roll it onto your temples, forehead and down the nape of your neck and within minutes, your headache symptoms are either gone or not as intense and much more manageable. My daughter also used Pain Release on a sprained ankle and was able to make it through the rest of her dance routine! I don’t know how…. but this stuff really works!



Saje is environmentally friendly and I love that they use all natural ingredients. They also have a wonderful store policy/product guarantee! If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with one of their products, they will give you a 100% refund or exchange. I have a bit of a Saje addiction and have introduced many of my friends to this brand already. I am currently testing out Snore no More, Super Detox and some of their other products so stay tuned for more reviews of Saje coming soon.