Essie Cashmere Matte 2015 Nail Polish Collection

Essie Collections rarely disappoint me and this particular one, released last month is definitely not a let down. The Cashmere Matte Collection for 2015 is extraordinary, especially if you enjoy satin-matte finishes and neutral polishes. Inspired by the beauty and elegance of the best cashmeres, the collection includes 6 new nail polishes with a satin-matte texture and infused with a subtle iridescence. Among the new shades are fashionable, edgy neutrals and sophisticated deeper colours ….each embodying the beauty and luxury of cashmere wool. Style mavens around the world, this collection is for you!

Shade Details

  • Comfy In Cashmere – browny mauve with deep velvet undertones
  • Just Stitched – warm pearly-plush pink
  • Wrap me Up –  neutral soft pink (looks more ivory than pink)
  • All Eyes on Nude – camel-hued neutral tone
  • Coat Couture – greige with deep purple shimmer
  • Spun in Luxe – sophisticated matte blue-black

Most people either LOVE or HATE matte polishes. It seems like every brand released their version of a matte top coat last year. I also saw the matte trend pop up a great deal at the last few seasons of World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto. Matte polishes dry faster than satin, cream, pearl or metallic finishes so the key when working with matte formulas is to apply thin coats fairly quickly.  The huge plus with this collection is that the formula has a mattifier built into each shade so the result is a beautiful buttery soft, satin-matte finish every time without having to use a separate top coat to create the effect. If you are looking for a more glossy finish or want to accentuate the shimmer in each of these shades, you can simply apply a clear top coat overtop for an entirely different look, but I personally like these polishes as they are meant to be worn! 


There is no denying that each of these shades is utterly beautiful. Just look at them! As for wear time, application and formulation, a few of the shades stood out to me. Here’s a quick summary….

Wrap Me Up, All Eyes on Nudes & Just Stitched looked their best when 3 thin coats of polish were applied to the nails. Not too surprising since these are the lightest polishes in the collection. With Comfy in Cashmere, Coat Couture & Spun in Luxe, two thin coats of polish is all you need. Although visually the most appealing to me, Wrap Me Up was the most challenging polish to apply. It was streaky and required thin, even coats (not to mention some patience) to look its best. The most dimensional shades were Comfy in Cashmere and Coat Couture. Both had a very unique, interesting vibe to them. Just Stitched applied beautifully and evenly for a polish that requires three coats and Spun in Luxe also applied very easily for such a dark shade. For those of you who like edgier polishes (i.e. rocker chic), you need to pick up Spun in Luxe. It is SO beautiful! I had no issues with any of these polish formulas with the exception of Wrap me Up. Each shade wore about 2 days before starting to chip when worn without a top coat. If I had to pick just two of these polishes to go home with, I’d probably go with All Eyes on Nudes and Coat Couture with Spun in Luxe coming in a close third.

What do you think of this collection? Any standouts or favourites?

Essie-Cashmere-Matte-Nail-PolishesFrom (L-R): Essie Cashmere Mattes in Wrap Me Up, Just Stitched & Comfy in Cashmere


From (L-R): Essie Cashmere Mattes in All About Nudes, Coat Couture & Spun in Luxe


Swatches from (L-R): Essie Wrap Me Up, Just Stitched, Comfy in Cashmere, All About Nudes, Coat Couture & Spun in Luxe