REVIEW: JoeScrub Organic Coffee Scrub

If you follow me on Instagram you may recall seeing a picture that I posted recently of me with coffee grinds all over my face? I’ve been known to do some pretty odd things but I swear I had good reason. Coffee scrubs have been getting a lot of buzz online, so when a company called joeScrub contacted me and asked if I wanted to give their product a try in exchange for an honest review, I said “sure why not”. joeScrub is an exfoliating face and body scrub made from fair trade organic coffee grinds and organic cacao that increases blood circulation, releases toxins and leaves skin feeling toned and smooth. The ingredients, which also include Himalayan pink salt & brown sugar are all natural & cruelty-free and work to buff away dead skin cells while keeping your skin intensely moisturized. You might be thinking “how can a dry scrub moisturize my skin?” Easy! The scrub contains a wide range of oils (i.e. coconut, grape seed, almond, jasmine) – all of which have moisturizing qualities. joeScrub does more than just hydrate however…it cleanses, firms and protects your skin while leaving it extremely soft. I’m obsessed!


How to Use joe:

1. Wet your skin and apply some product 

2. Rub it in gently using circular motions and leave it on your skin for 5-10 minutes

3. Rinse off using lukewarm water

4. Repeat above steps 2-3 times per week

joeScrub Results:

1. Dead skin cells are buffed away and skin is gently exfoliated

2. Skin looks and feels deeply hydrated

3. Breakouts, inflammation & redness are all reduced (I had a friend who suffers from acne test it too!) 

4. Skin appears firmer and any puffiness is minimized

joeScrub also detoxifies the skin and improves your overall complexion. Wrinkles, fine lines, eczema & cellulite are also no match for joe although I have yet to see those specific results.


Did I mention that this product smells absolutely incredible? More importantly though it works! joeScrub retails for $16 for a 150g package but right now and until March 31st 2015, joe is offering a $6 (38%) discount for joeScrub and donating $2 per order to the United Way! If you’re interested in trying out this wonderful scrub (I get no commission whatsoever!), feel free to use discount code “ROUGE2015” at checkout.