Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad from the Kids!

I’ve rounded up some great products that would make wonderful gifts for Dad this Father’s Day! Receiving gifts from children is truly something special….I’ve shed a few happy tears when they’ve come home with something that they made especially for me at school. Even when they are using “their own money” to pick you up a little something from the store, kids can be SO incredibly thoughtful. I remember one year they found a fantastic website selling custom bobbleheads and they bought one for their dad. He loved the gift and was so pleased with the amount of effort the kids had gone to. With my kids, it’s not about the value of the gift but rather the little pieces of information that they pick up and remember all year-long. I still remember their expression last Christmas when I opened up China Glaze’s Son of a Peach – a nail lacquer shade that I couldn’t find for over 9 months. Pure joy! They even cleaned the car for their father one time, which he loved. There is something great about having someone else clean your car for you. I guess that’s why there are companies like Geds Car Detailing Melbourne that exist in this world. I’d love for someone to come clean my car. . . If the man in your life loves his car, then why not treat him to some car accessories? There are lots of unique gifts out there such as custom tire covers, so whether he drives something small and sporty or big and powerful, you are sure to find a personalized treat for his pride and joy. I’m actually thinking about getting a new car and selling the car I have at the minute. My car is a little small for my needs and I’d like a bigger one. I’ve been looking into pre-sale car detailing at Namikon so I know how I can prepare my car for sale but I haven’t made any concrete decisions yet.
Here are a few gift ideas that we came up with together this year.Whether it’s something for “his itchy beard” or something to make “his hair look nice”, kids always gift with love. And the best part – these products won’t break their piggy bank!