Jergens Introduces a Moisturizer for Wet Skin

Moisturizing your face and body is an essential part of any beauty regime. I have a pretty religious facial routine but I have to admit, I do get a little lax when it comes to moisturizing my body. As a busy mom, I usually rush out the door, which hardly leaves me any time to properly hydrate my skin after a shower. About a month ago, my body lotion prayers were answered. I know it sounds like I’m being overly dramatic but I seriously squealed in excitement when I heard that Jergens had come out with a body moisturizer that could be used on wet skin!    

Wet-Skin-Moisturizer-JergensInstead of having to completely dry off after a shower or bath, Jergens’ Moisturizer for Wet Skin ($7.99 USD/$9.99 CAD) allows you to begin the moisturizing process while still wet. It glides onto wet skin and instantly absorbs for 2x the moisturization in half the time as regular lotion. How ingenious is that? I apply either the Coconut Oil or Green Tea Oil lotion after I’m done washing my body and while my skin is still wet. It locks in moisture when my skin is most receptive and saves me tons of time. The new lotions also include an assortment of hydrating ingredients that leave my skin looking like it just had a tall drink of water! Definitely worth checking out next time you are at your local drugstore.