Pro Fiber Restore by L’Oreal Professionnel (In-Salon & At-Home)

Hi beauties! About 3 weeks ago I visited the Mosaic Hair Group in Toronto to experience a truly remarkable haircare system. With the Holidays quickly approaching, I figured I’d post about this right away in case any of you wanted to gift this wonderful treatment to that special woman in your life? Pro Fiber by L’Oreal Professionnel is the result of 15 years of research, 15 patents and is the only hair system that starts at the salon and continues at home. The products, which include a shampoo, conditioner, mask, leave-in and a recharge treatment are all infused with the APTYL 100 molecular complex which prolongs your salon results for up to 6 weeks! 

The treatment you get at the salon doesn’t wash away as soon as you shampoo your hair again at home. It provides long-lasting repair because the APTYL 100 complex anchors deep into the hair fibers. You then reactivate the formula after 4 shampoos by simply using Recharge at home. 


I’ve personally used the Pro Fiber Restore products (in addition to experiencing the salon treatment) and have noticed improvements in my hair’s texture. After completing my “prescription”, my hair looks even more renewed and less damaged….“restored from root to tip” is a bit of an understatement. It’s that good! Below are the 3 different varieties available. Ask your hairstylist to assess the degree of damage to your hair, provide you with your customized treatment and recommend a personalized at-home haircare routine for you. There is also a free assessment tool available in the APP store that will help you & your hairdresser diagnose your needs. The Pro Fiber app can also send you reminders to help you follow your haircare routine!  


Designed for fine to medium hair that is slightly damaged. If you have applied demi or semi-permanent colour to your hair and/or use heat tools often, then this range is probably your best bet.  

PRO RESTORE (shown below)

Designed for fine to course hair that has been damaged due to a chemical service (i.e. permanent colour or highlights) or more frequent heat styling. This is the range the app & stylist recommended for me. 


Designed for medium to course hair that is very damaged. You’ll likely need this if you permanently colour your hair often and/or use heat tools on a daily basis. 

Loreal-Pro-Fiber-Shampoo-ConditionerPro Fiber RESTORE Shampoo $27.50/250ml & Conditioner $28.50/200mlLoreal-Pro-Fiber-MasquePro Fiber RESTORE Mask $28.50/200ml

Loreal-Pro-Fiber-SerumPro Fiber RESTORE Leave-In Serum $28.75/150ml
Lofeal-Pro-Fiber-RestorePro Fiber RESTORE Recharge $35/ 6 tubes x 20ml

How it Works:

  1. The Pro Fiber treatment is initiated in the salon. Before your treatment, your stylist will determine which of the 3 formulations suit your hair best. 
  2. You then maintain your treatment results at home using your special prescription of products (see photos above)
  3. Recharge is used to re-activate the treatment and prolong your results for up to 6 weeks!


Our hair can get damaged very easily. Swimming, wind, sun…..not to mention the drying effects of blow dryers, straightening irons and chemicals. I’ve been using the Pro Fiber system as recommended (I just used the recharge last night!) and am completely satisfied with the results so far. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Less tangles; hair is easier to comb through
  2. Smoother and softer hair overall (less frizz/flyaways)
  3. Hair feels stronger and looks silkier instantly
  4. Split ends are less noticeable 
  5. Product is lightweight; no build-up

Pro Fiber is available exclusively at L’Oreal Professionel salons.