Why Everyone Needs to try e.l.f’s Magnetic Mask!

I love it when brands think outside the box and even if they didn’t exactly come up with the innovative idea themselves, product teams who work effortlessly to bring a concept or idea to life in an affordable, accessible way always get my utmost appreciation! This year, e.l.f (Eyes Lips Face) hit another home run and this time it was in the skincare department! Known for their affordable, on-trend cosmetics and beauty tools, e.l.f recently launched an entire range of skincare called their Beauty Shield Collection. The collection was designed to protect or “shield” the skin from a variety of environmental aggressors that accelerate the process of aging including pollution, UV rays and stress.

I had the pleasure of meeting e.l.f’s Chief Global Artistic Director when she was in Toronto recently and got to hear all about this skincare range and other exciting launches coming our way soon! The e.l.f Beauty Shield collection includes a primer, moisturizer, serum, makeup mist, overnight cream AND the very-hyped recharging magnetic mask!!! Anyone who has looked into magnetic masks knows just how expensive they can run, so e.l.f making a kit that retails for only $24 USD is music to my beauty-loving ears! The Beauty Shield Recharging Magnetic Mask Kit includes an antioxidant rich mask, a dual-sided magnetic wand and 20 magnet wand covers. The wand makes applying and removing the mask easy and completely mess-free! This product is so cool because it requires no water or rinsing and contains magnetic properties (its iron-based!) and antioxidants (Carrot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Argan Oil) to help replenish and recharge the skin. Whether you use this mask in the evening for “skin-tertainment” or to prep your skin for makeup application, I can guarantee that your skin will look healthy and radiant when you are done. Impurities are removed and your pores will look visibly reduced too. Just imagine all that dirt and grime being drawn out of your skin (magnet style!) and in such a gentle, non-invasive way! Way to go e.l.f.! This is really genius.

I have to say, I was totally blown away by this product. I really loved how comfortable it felt on the skin too. Unlike other masks that dry out, peel or crack while you wait, this one felt like a spa treatment and really made my skin feel soft and smooth from start to finish. I apply a thin, even layer to my skin like the one shown below and just let the wand do its thing!  

How To Draw Out Impurities Using e.l.f’s Magnetic Mask!

Step 1: Using the flat side of the magnetic wand, scoop out some product and apply to your clean, dry face. 

Step 2: Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes. Go unload the dishwasher, make yourself a sandwich or just wait!

Step 3: Cover the round part of the magnetic wand with a magnet cover and slowly hover the tool just above the surface of your skin. Move it around slowly to remove the mask. Discard the cover when you’re done.

Tip: Do not apply near the eye area and do not rinse your face off with water. Your skin will feel very hydrated and clean!

Thank you e.l.f. for bringing us skincare innovation at a price that all of us can enjoy!