Get Active this Summer with Hyba!

I have a very sedentary job (actually I have 2) and physical exercise is not something that I’m usually able to get enough of every week. With my busy schedule, it’s so hard to find the time. However, one of my friends was telling me that I might be surprised at how many calories I actually burn in a day. Even though you don’t feel like you’re doing much exercise, you can be walking and doing other jobs that can burn calories. She said I’d be able to see all of this information if I purchased a Fitbit. Apparently, there is a selection of accessories and replacement straps for the watch on websites like Mobile Mob. Maybe that’s worth looking into. It might make me feel less guilty if I knew how many steps I was doing per day and how many calories I was burning.

I know not having enough time sounds like a pitiful excuse but in all honestly, friends and family always ask me how I manage to get all of the things that I do – done in a day and that’s without incorporating in any exercise. I’m sure you can appreciate that managing this site and overseeing all of the work that goes on behind the scenes (i.e. events, shooting, testing, editing, etc) is equivalent to a full-time job? What many of you may not realize is that I also work in healthcare and put in a regular 50+ hour work week in there as well. Add to that not one but two very active kids (dance and hockey parents can certainly relate!) as well as the chores of everyday life and it’s just so hard to fit everything in. To help myself I might consider taking my kids to one of the summer camps in Maine so I can have some free time, and they can still be occupied during the summer holidays by participating in their favourite activities and many others! But still, I am a very busy mother. You’ve all heard the saying “there are only 24 hours in a day” right?

Regardless of my busy schedule I do realize how important incorporating some form of physical activity into your day is – there is just no denying that exercise is good for the mind and the body and my lack of it has been starting to take its toll on my health. There’s so many sporting activities to choose from, too, which ensures that there’s at least something for everyone to enjoy, including running, cycling, tennis, or even water sports, like surfing or running around in this Human Sized Hamster Ball across water (I’ve got to admit, this has got to be the coolest sporting activity ever!) So….. wait for it. I decided to purchase a bicycle. Bike riding was something I figured I could do with the entire family and was a great way for me to get some natural day light and some much needed exercise. My daughter has also been teaching teach me how to stretch properly and we’ve been doing some core exercises and planks at home so that when the weather gets cooler, we’ll have some indoor options as well.

Hyba has been my go-to for everything activewear. I discovered the brand earlier this year and have been hooked on it ever since. Its affordable, durable and comfortable! The store also aways has great promotions running (my favourite is their 40% off the entire store deal!) and wonderful staff to help with sizing. Sizes at Hyba in case you’re wondering range from XS to 3X which makes it easy for women of all shapes and sizes to find their perfect outfit for lounging or active lifestyles. And, no matter where you’re at on your fitness journey, Hyba knows we all need to look and feel our best. Hyba’s Summer and upcoming Fall look books include a wide variety of cropped and regular length leggings, crop tops, hoodies, tees, tanks and shorts. They also have a pretty large assortment of low, medium and high impact sports bras in a variety of prints and colours. Check out the cute shot of my friends & I shopping (and wearing Hyba gear head-to-toe) at the Etobicoke store above! Below are some of my personal favourites from the Summer Collection. I pretty much live in leggings when I am not at work. Hyba has a ton of prints, patterns and styles to choose from and even if you gravitate towards black, these prints are so fun, that I’m pretty sure that you’ll find one in your comfort zone. The Fast Track Capri Leggings shown above feature an adjustable elastic waist and an interior pocket, making them both comfortable and practical!
My favourite Sports Bra this season is Hyba’s Racerback High-Impact sports bra. It comes in black (as shown above) and a gorgeous eggplant colour and was designed to provide maximum support for those of us who need it and comfort for high-intensity workouts. How cute is this Racerback Graphic Tank Top? Everyone needs one of these tanks in their closet. It’s great for lounging around or even a full-body workout and it’s so cozy, letting you move freely without ever feeling constricted. This tank is available in another graphic print (“Drop it Like its Squat”) and with no graphic at all in a trio of solid colours as well.

Remember when I mentioned that Hyba always has amazing sales going on? Well, the beautiful Heather Bra Tank (shown above & below) is a perfect example of the great deals that you can score. It’s absolutely perfect for anyone looking for a loose-fitting tank with a built-in bra! The plunging back makes it super stylish too. The Heather Tank retails for $39.90 but is on sale now for only $14!

And so, just like that my fashionable exercise journey begins. Wish me luck as I embark on my new bike riding adventure this Summer. One thing is for sure, I know that I’ll look cute while doing it. Until next time beauties 🙂