Back to School Essentials for Kids

And just like that (snaps fingers!) Summer has come to an end and it’s already time for Back to School! If your kids are heading back to school next week, you may have already started their Back to School shopping? Getting essentials such as school bags , stationary, new shoes, P.E kits and clothes is a lot to do at the very last minute, which is why giving yourself enough time to get everything is important and a lot less stressful. If not, these BTS essentials may inspire you to get moving? And with an Amazon Prime membership, they’ll arrive just in time for Back to School! In my household back to school shopping usually includes school supplies, a new lunchbox/backpack and a fresh, new Fall wardrobe. Before heading out, it’s always a good idea to do a quick inventory of what you have on hand and determine what, if anything can be re-purposed from the previous year. Fun fact: I seem to have copious amounts of #2 pencils. Anyone need any?

As a mom, ensuring that the kids pack water and a nutritious, lunch everyday is very important. I love using containers that have multiple compartments like the Sistema Lunch Cube below. It’s perfect for busy lifestyles and for transporting lunch and snacks everywhere you go. I use these cubes for school, dance competitions and even hockey tournaments and practices. They feature an easy locking clip and two levels of storage with multiple compartments that keep food fresh and separate until the kiddos are ready to eat. For water, my kids prefer stainless steel, fully insulated bottles that keep their water cold all day. I found this “s’well-inspired” Dew bottle on Amazon for only $12.99!

Despite my love for smart technology, I’m still a sucker for organizing my life with good old fashioned pen and paper. Kids are often provided with a school agenda on their first week back to school or they use some sort of day planner to keep themselves organized year round. Investing in a good set of Staedtler fineliner pens is always a good idea. These pens are made from water-based ink, wash off fabrics/textiles easily and can be left uncapped for days without drying up. They’re also ergonomically designed and come in an assortment of great colour options too! I love them and use them with my Family Planner too! It isn’t just me either, my friend swears by them, especially while her daughter is studying for finals. Apparently when these are paired with the best graphing calculator it makes studying easier, helping her to keep her ideas and notes organised. Any back to school shopping guide would not be complete without including a stylish new backpack. I always look for ones that are durable and functional for the kids. The Herschel backpack below is such a timeless piece – it’s on trend and perfect for any age. It is a bit on the smaller side (making it a good option for JK-grade 5) but offers a front storage pocket and sleek silhouette design. I’m also a big fan of Jansport backpacks. They offer a lifetime warranty (yes, you’re reading that right!) and come in various sizes, colours and patterns to suit everyone.
We all misplace things every now and again but school-aged children are notorious for losing everything. Keeping school supplies and personal items labelled is the way to go. I usually get labels pre-made from the Mabels Labels website but I also pick up their Write Away Peel & Stick Labels when I see them go on sale on These labels are super-durable (they do hot budge in the laundry or dishwasher!) and are great to have on hand, especially during the back to school season. The Peel & Stick Labels (10) can be purchased on their own or in the combo pack below which also includes a set of 24 mini labels and 3 bag tags (great for backpacks and pencil cases!). My friends daughter who was looking at Ravenscroft Admissions when moving to high school said that she would love these labels and bag tags to help her feel prepared for high school. Songs have been proven to help retain infomation in children’s memories better than spoken words alone, this is because the tunes remind people of the lyrics they have learnt and therfore, the infomation too! KLS sing Kid Learning Songs which can help your children remember their morning routines, or the importance of manners. A necessity for school.

What are you shopping for this Back to School?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by and contains affiliate links, but as always opinions are my own