Makeup Forever AQUA BROW: Photos, Swatch & Mini Review

I have never been one to fill in my brows, that is until getting them “threaded”  for over 5 years, made them thin and sparse. I experimented with brow pencils, brow powder, eye shadows (a shade lighter than my natural brows) and even wax. My favourite method until recently was using MAC’s Impeccable Brow Pencil to create feather like strokes to simulate natural hair. 

I never realized how much of a difference brows make! They are such a crucial part of your look since they frame your face and give you a more polished overall appearance. 

While I haven’t given up entirely on using my brow pencil, I wanted to give a shout out to a great product I recently discovered for filling in, shaping & defining eye brows. This is HUGE everyone! None of the other products I’ve ever tried to date (and there have been many) come close to comparing in my opinion!

Aqua Brow by Makeup Forever is a waterproof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines and shapes brows. It comes in a squeeze tube and is a creamy gel-like consistency. It is highly pigmented, so the tiniest amount goes a long way. I decided to try #25, which was the closest match to my brows, of the 3 options available.  

Product Benefits:

> Formulated with volatile oil and carnauba wax
> Produces an even and natural result with a long lasting hold
> Waterproof and smudge-proof (I love that I can touch my brows and not worry about the product smearing or moving)

> Excellent pigmentation

> Great packaging (sanitary and long lasting; also easy to dispense)


> Apply a tiny amount of product on the back of your hand

> Use a slanted brush to fill in any sparse areas then blend for a natural result
> Use the brush to make very precise corrections hair by hair 
> Remove with a waterproof eye makeup remover

Price & Availability:

> Aqua Brows comes in 3 shades (#10 Light Blonde, #15 Blonde & #25 Ash) and is sold at Sephora
> Retail price: $20 US/$22 CAN (0.23oz)
#25 Ash
#25 Ash

Have you used Makeup Forever Aqua Brow? 

What’s your favorite eyebrow product? 

Let me know in the comments!