Get “Automatic” Curls With The Rowenta Beauty Curl Active (Review & Photos)

Rowenta Beauty makes high quality hair styling tools that deliver salon quality results. I first reviewed one of their tools back in April of last year when I took their Versa Style for a spin. The Versa Style, if you recall is a styler that does the work of 5 salon tools (flat iron, roller set & 3 different curling irons) in one compact 1″ tool. I use it a few times a week as a flat iron but for some reason, I hardly ever reach for it to curl my hair. To be fair, I’ve never really been good at using flat irons for curling. Let’s just say I’m not that coordinated. Anyways, for the past few months, I’ve been testing out the Curl Active, another Rowenta Beauty tool that has become my secret weapon to achieving beachy waves or loose curls easily at home. This revolutionary styling tool and it’s high-tech functionality are super impressive! Curling my hair has seriously never been easier. Finally, something that I can use with confidence!! The Curl Active is equipped with a high-tech curling system that automatically rotates your hair around a motorized barrel! It’s not your average curling iron that’s for sure. It works at the simple push of a button to make sure every strand is perfectly coiled and does ALL of the work for you.
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Rowenta Beauty Curl Active (note 1 1/4″ Barrel & Heat Resistant Tip)
Rowenta Beauty Curl Active – Rotation Buttons
(Allows you to curl hair to the left or to the right to create different styles)
While a bit intimidating to use at first (it definitely takes some practice), I have to say, this tool has become a life saver for me in the mornings when I want to add some body, volume or curl to my hair and don’t have a lot of time to get ready. It takes less than 10 minutes to do my hair if I’ve washed it the night before. My hair is very long and I have a lot of it so that’s pretty darn good and something no other curler has been able to do before! This product even prevents those painful run-ins I’m sure we’ve all had with our curling irons. You know the ones where you end up with a hickey-like scab on your temple? The Curl Active actually bounces back about an inch once you release the button so there is no need to worry about burning yourself. It also comes with a travel friendly pouch (not pictured) that is heat-resistant so you don’t have to wait for the unit to cool off before packing it up while on the go.

Key Features:
> Automatic/motorized high tech curling system with 2 rotation switches
> Tourmaline-boosted ceramic coating protects hair and increases shine
> 2 temperature settings (180°C & 200°C)
> Heats up quickly (less than 1.5 minutes)
> 1 1/4″ curl diameter (23 mm) 
> Trigger is sturdy and helps grip/hold hair in place
> Provides full-bodied curls in minutes
> Comes with a heat-resistant case

Rowenta Beauty Curl Active – Temperature Settings, Power Indicator & Swivel Power Cord
Use position 1 (Medium) for fragile/fine hair or position 2 (High) for thick hair
Rowenta Beauty Curl Active – Counter Rest & Clip Release Handle
Rowenta Beauty Curl Active – Heat Heat Professional Device


> Plug in your styler and wait 90 seconds for it to heat up> Section dry, untangled hair into small sections (I usually do 1-2″ wide sections)> One at a time, take a section of hair and secure the end underneath the clip> Press one of the arrow buttons to automatically wrap your hair round the iron. The hot barrel will start rotating around your hair, wrapping it around the barrel automatically> Hold the barrel upright and wait for 15 seconds> Press the rotation button in the reverse direction to release the half of the hair section> Press the handle to open the clip and gently slide the barrel downwards to release the curl> Before continuing on with the next section, spray the curl with some hairspray (this step is optional but I find that it helps maintain the style longer)> Repeat steps until you have curled all the remaining sections of hair

Curling your hair is an easy way to add volume and style to lifeless, flat or pin-straight hair. This iron works wonders for my hair type (fine-medium texture with lots of length) and retails for $179.99 CDN. It can be purchased online or at Trade Secrets salons. Trade Secrets usually offers great promotional discounts throughout the year so make sure to check them out before making the full price investment. 
What do you use to curl your hair?