Hello LolliTINT! Benefit Cosmetics Releases a New Orchid Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain

Benefit welcomes newcomer Lollitint, a “candy-orchid” shade to their lip and cheek stain family. The range already includes Benetint, Posietint & ChaChaTint. (see below) The new purple tinted stain may sound unappealing but it’s actually quite stunning and provides a flirty flush to the skin that last all day. Lollitint looks like a cool-toned pinky-lavender in the bottle. The formula is creamy (similar to Chachatint) & much thicker than Benetint, which I find more runny and harder to control. 
Product Details:
> Excellent colour payoff
> Long-wearing (no need to re-apply)
> Easy to use (comes in a nail polish style bottle with its own brush)
> Wearable shade that is suitable for all skin tones (very natural looking)
Matte finish; lightweight, creamy texture
Works best when applied on bare skin
> Colour can be intensified if desired
I absolutely love this new shade and can already tell that I’ll be using it often! I also predict that lavender & orchid inspired lip/cheek products will be super popular in 2014 since Pantone announced “Orchid” as the colour of the year. 
How to Apply A Cheek/Lip Stain:
Apply a dab of product or brush three strokes (as seen in the video below) to the apple of your cheek or onto lips. Using your fingertips, quickly blend. Repeat on the other side. For more intense colour, reapply!
TIP: When applying as a blush, make sure to apply the product to one cheek at a time as this product dries extremely quickly. 
TIP: If using Lollitint on the lips, make sure to exfoliate them first using a lip polish or sloughing gently with your toothbrush. Once done, apply a moisturizing lip balm then the lip tint. Exfoliating and prepping the lips with a moisturizing product will prevent the tint from highlighting any dryness on the lips.
Benefit Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain – $30 USD/$36 CDN – 12.5ml
Benefit Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain – Swatch 
Benefit Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain – Swatch Still Going Strong After 12 hours
What do you think of Benefit’s cheek/lip tints? 
Do you have a favourite one?