The Future of Colour? Essie Introduces 2-in-1 Color & Care Professional LED Gel System

Essie announced its first 2-in-1 professional LED Gel System recently, (look out for it soon at participating nail salons – April 2014) which aims to leave nails in good condition even after removal. The Keratin-care technology used throughout the gel manicure process, as well as the gel polish formula which contains pro-vitamins B5 for fortification and vitamin E for hydration delivers 14 days of exceptional color and shine. Essie Gels will be available in 36 new shades that resemble some of the brands most popular polishes.

Toronto media was recently treated to an Essie Gel manicure and removal experience. We were able to put the 14 day wear claim to the test and fully experience the advantages of this new technology for ourselves. Essie Gel Colour is definitely something you should be getting excited about! It provides chip-free wear that lasts for weeks and promotes healthier looking nails. As a long-time devotee of Essie polish, it is so nice to see some of my favourite iconic shades replicated in the new range of GELS. Is this the future of color?

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NEW Products:

Prep + Finish Nail Cleanser
Base Coat
Gel Color (36 shades)
Top Coat
Gel Remover
Professional LED lamp

Salon Instructions:

PREP  Start with a clean canvas. Wash hands and shape nails, gently pushing back the cuticles. (never cut the cuticles) Gently buff each nail to remove shine. Using Essie’s Prep & Finish Nail Cleanser and a lint-free nail pad, completely remove any dirt and oil, making sure to clean under the nail edge and around the cuticles.

APPLY BASE COAT – Shake and apply one thin coat of the Essie Gel Base Coat. Cap and seal the free edge. Use an orangewood stick to remove any excess from around the cuticle then place hand under the Essie LED Lamp for 30 seconds to harden or “cure” the base coat.

APPLY GEL COLOR – Apply a thin coat of Essie Gel Color, making sure to avoid the cuticles and the side of the skin. Apply the first brush stroke down the middle of the nail and then apply one stroke on each side for full coverage. Again, cap and seal the free edge and use an orangewood stick to remove any excess from around the cuticles. “Cure” for 30 seconds under the LED Lamp. Repeat steps above when applying the second coat of gel polish.

APPLY TOP COAT – Next, apply one thin coat of Essie Gel Top CoatCap and seal the free edge. Use an orangewood stick to remove any excess from around the cuticles as before but this time leave hand under the Essie LED Lamp for 60 seconds. If there’s any gel residue left behind, saturate a lint-free nail pad with some Prep & Finish Nail Cleanser and wipe down the surface. Skin around the cuticles can be hydrated using Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil.

REMOVAL – To remove the polish, lightly buff the shine before saturating a pad with Essie Gel Polish Remover. Place the remover on the nail, wrap it in aluminum foil and let it soak for 15 minutes. Gently massage the foil at the nail’s top and pull it off. Then, carefully remove any excess gel with an orangewood stick.  

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Gel vs. Regular Shade Range:

Have a favourite Essie polish? It may now be available in a salon GEL formula! Check the list below for new Gels and their regular polish counterparts.

1. Dance Class = Ballet Slippers
2. Amusing Bouche = Mademoiselle
3. Deep Pockets = Sugar Daddy
4. Well Collected = Eternal Optimist
5. On My Team = Mod Squad
6. Chilli Pepper = Watermelon
7. Another Round = Peach Daiquiri
8. Glamping not Camping = Clambake
9. Bankroll = Russian Roulette
10. Private Lessons = A List
11. Street Rocker = Wicked
12. Duster not Buster = Mink Muffs
13. Super Good = Smokin’ Hot
14. Hand Knit Turtleneck = Merino Cool
15. Puffer Up = Chinchilly
16. Frisky Femininity = Lilacism
17. Scavenger Hunt = Play Date
18. Suggestive & Sultry = Bikini so Teeny
19. Moody Mood = Bahama Mama
20. Slipdress = Midnight Cami
21. Major Moments = Bobbing for Baubles
22. Fashion Crowd = Mint Candy Apple
23. Net Worth = Where’s my Chauffeur
24. Leather on Top = Licorice
25. Blizzard = Blanc
26. Sweater Girl = Angora Cardi
27. Members Only = Tea & Crumpets
28. Dizzy Feet = new addition to the range
29. Decadent & Divine = Decadent Diva
30. Club Hopping = Lollipop
31. Rags to Riches = Scarlet O’Hara
32. Life Partner = Sole Mate
33. Frangipani = Splash of Grenadine
34. Pole Dancing = Jamaica Me Crazy
35. Break a Sweat = Sexy Divide
36. Flare to Dare = new addition to the range

Essie Gels Shades, Essie Gel Polish, Essie LED Gels, Essie Gels, Essie 2-in-1 Color & Care Professional LED Gel System,
Essie Gel Polish, Essie LED Gels, Essie Gels, Essie Shades, Essie 2-in-1 Color & Care Professional LED Gel System,

What is your favourite Essie polish? Are you interested in trying out the new GELS technology?