NEW for Spring: Broadway & Kiss Nails Get a GEL Makeover (Introducing Gel Dress, Gel Fantasy & imPRESS Glitter Press-On Manicures!)

Broadway and Kiss Nails have a number of products that are new for Spring 2014. With salon and at-home gel nails taking the beauty world by storm, it’s not surprising to see artificial nails and press-on manicures adopt the gel nail trend too. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the new imPress Glitter Manicures, gel Dress and Gel Fantasy kits, all available right now at Walmart, Target and other local retailers.

I’ve been playing around with these products for awhile now and am especially enjoying the new Kiss gel Dress (more on them later). They offer effortless on-trend designs and at-home convenience all in one! There are also so many patterns and fun designs to choose from. (i.e. floral, lace, french tips) 
imPRESS Press-On Glitter Manicures– $10.99 CAD

The well known imPRESS manicures by Broadway Nails get a Spring makeover. A total of 6 new glitter and ombre patterns are now available (4 pictured below) With no mess, no glue and no dry time required, these nails are super popular and are very easy to apply (just peel off and press on!). These offer a beautiful, gel-like shine via the pre-applied, pre-cured top gel (no LED lamp needed) nails. There are 24 nail covers included in 12 different sizes. These also won’t damage your natural nails! 

Impress Nails, Glitter Manicure, Press-On Manicure, Kiss Nails, Spring Launches

imPress Press-On Glitter Manicure (L-R):
One Shine Day, Bright As a Feather, Glitz & Glamour & In The Spotlight
 Also available in limited edition shades Lighten Up & Shimmer

Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit– $16.99 CAD

With the Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit, you can create salon-inspired nail art in the convenience of your own home. The professional kit contains 3 nail art brushes, a dotting tool, foil tape, a pre-cut nail art sheet and design decals, a faux rhinestone sticker sheet and charms, 6 HD glitter pouches, a top coat & a pro design guide. (step by step instructions for newbies)
Kiss Nails, Nail Art Starter Kit, Kiss Nail Art, Glitter Manicure, Spring Launches, Salon Secrets by Kiss
Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit
Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Kits– $10.99 CAD

The Kiss Gel Fantasy nail kits help you achieve glittery nail-art without the hassle of having to apply or removal actual glitter polish. These are actually pretty cool and can be applied using adhesive tabs or glue, both of which are included in the kit. You can expect a smooth finish, lustrous gel shine (no LED lamp needed) and about 7 days of wear with these!

Each kit contains 24 nails in a square or oval shape, the gel glue & 24 adhesive tabs. There are 6 
ready-to-wear gel designs (all 6 pictured below) available in both short and/or medium lengths.
Gel Fantasy Nail Kit, Kiss Gel Fantasy, Press-On Manicure, Kiss Nails, Spring Launches, Fantasy Nail Kits
Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Kits
Left: Charmed Life (Medium Length), Freshen Up (Medium Length) & Fanciful (Medium Length)
Right: Painted Veil (Medium Length), Rock Candy (Short Length)
To The Max (Medium Length)
Kiss Gel Dress – $6.97 CAD

The Kiss Gel Dress are nail wraps that let you achieve an instant gel manicures in minutes when cured under an LED light for 60 seconds. (sold separately). The range includes 17 different patterns, each containing 40 gel strips, (20 gel dress strips & 20 art strips or french tips) a wipe & shine pad, nail file, manicure stick & instruction booklet. The Gel Dress strips provide endless options. You can use them“as is” or use the art decals or french tips to achieve different looks. When used with a regular top coat, these last about 1 week but when you use the Double-Up Top Gel (sold separately) & cure them with an LED light, they last closer to 2 weeks. These are currently the only gel strips on the market with instant peel-off removal that protect your nails. 

Gel Dress Nail Wraps, Kiss Gel Dress, Kiss Nails, Spring Launches, Kiss Nail Wraps
Kiss Gel Dress
* some of the designs shown are limited edition and only available while quantities last – so hurry!

Kiss Double-Up Top Gel – $9.97 CAD

The Double-Up Top Gel top coat seals in your Gel Dress for up to 2 weeks. It also produces a high-gloss, lasting shine effect.
Kiss Nails, Kiss Gel Dress, Kiss Double-Up Top Gel, Kiss Top Coat, Spring Launches
Kiss Double-Up Top Gel
So many amazing new “gel” launches…. 
Which one is your favourite?