OPI Glitter Off Peel-Able Base Coat (Remove Glitter Nail Polish in Seconds!)

Every now and then I like wearing glitter polish as an accent to my manicure. I’m even a fan of sporting trendy glitter tips and/or using glitter for different types of nail art. But….. removing glitter polish has always been a pain and often involves heavy duty removers or scrubbing your nails raw. Umm, no thanks! A few months ago, OPI launched their new Glitter Off Base Coat, designed to be worn on your natural nails to help protect them from staining. Not only does this new base coat protect your nails but it also makes it SUPER EASY… yes easy to simply peel off hard-to-remove glitter nail polish in seconds.
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OPI Glitter OFF Peelable Base Coat – $10.95 CAD/15 mL (0.5 fl. oz) 
Product Details:
> Applies white (think Elmer School Glue), dries almost clear & peels off
> Allows for quick & easy removal of nail polish (including stubborn glitter formulas!) when worn underneath lacquers
> Eliminates the need for nail polish remover
> Protects your nails and leaves them clean & stain-free
> Makes some polishes look brighter

Application Tips:
> Apply a thin coat & allow to dry completely before adding polish/glitter 
Use a cuticle stick to gently “push up” & peel the layer of nail polish off of the nail

 How do you typically remove glitter polish?
Have you tried this new base coat?