Moulinex Canada Challenge: Eat Healthy, Save Money & Get Cooking!

Ever since my cancer diagnosis and surgery last year to remove my thyroid, my “so-called” metabolism has been acting up. I’ve been extremely tired and it has been near impossible to lose any excess weight. My weekly schedule which includes working full time then running from hockey to dance to media events in the evenings doesn’t exactly help either. Let’s just say I can’t remember the last time I saw the inside of a gym. With the deck completely stacked against me, I could really use some help and advise. 
Did You Know? 
* The average household throws away $2,000+ in spoiled groceries every year as a result of poor meal planning
Canadians spend about $2,500 eating out at restaurants every year
* Cooking at home is healthier than eating out…..but the average person could reduce their calorie intake enough to lose 22 lbs in just 1 year if they made the simple shift

Eating healthy takes preparation & planning and usually costs more. Between September 15 and October 13, Moulinex is challenging Canadians to eat healthier and save money. The Get Cooking Challenge, which was designed by a Registered Dietitian is all about eating better (at home!), eliminating food waste and all those trips through the drive thru and saving money. Participants can save up to $400 a month by using the tools (i.e. meal plan) provided by the challenge. They will also receive a grocery list and meal plan every week that includes healthy and affordable options and can also enter to win Moulinex appliances. All for free! 

I’ll definitely be participating! 
If anyone else is interested, you can sign up for the challenge here! Good luck!