Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation (Details, Photos & Shades)

Dior is a brand that always seems to get it right! Their “glow” and backstage pro products are to die for and they always seem to be on the cutting edge of beauty. I hadn’t tried their Airflash Foundation ($62 CAD/70ml) until recently and I’m pretty impressed with the finish. The products’ unique diffusion technology produces a fine, ultra-fluid mist that makes your skin look airbrushed. Any aerosol foundation can be a bit tricky to use at first, but with a little patience, the results will certainly impress you.

Product Details:

> Spray foundation that evens out skin tone & visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines

> Buildable coverage ranging from light to full

> Satin finish (not dewy or matte) that dries in a “flash” 

> Blends easily using a makeup sponge or kabuki brush 

> Long-wearing silky finish

> Ideal for any skin type; feels weightless on normal-to-oily skin

> Available in 10 shades (at Dior counters, theBay.com


How to Use:

> Protect your hairline using a headband or towel

> Shake the can well before each use

> Extend your arm straight out, bending it at 90 degree angle 

> Close your eyes & press down lightly on the nozzle

> Use a quick, continuous motion to lightly mist your face

Dior-Spray-Foundation-Airflash Dior Airflash Spray Foundation – Shown in 100 Ivory & 200 Light Beige

Diorshow Artist Pro Tips:

> Add warmth to your legs, arms or chest by using a deeper shade than your skin tone

> Mix Airflash with your favourite body lotion to even out tan lines 

> Choose a shade that matches your skin tone to perfect, unify or conceal and a deeper shade for body or contouring

> To contour, spray directly onto a kabuki brush, then apply product to the hollows of your cheeks   

Shade Selection:
> 100 – Ivory
> 200 – Light Beige
> 201 – Linen
> 202 – Cameo
> 300 – Medium Beige
> 301 – Sand
> 302 – Rosy Beige
> 400 – Honey Beige
> 500 – Dark Beige
> 600 – Mocha