OPI Starlight Collection (Photos, Review & Swatches)

OPI’s new Starlight Collection for the Holiday season brings a constellation of colour to the nails and has a rather cosmic & galactic feel to it. It features 18 star-studded, limited edition shades including “hues as glittery as the night sky” and as “deep as space itself”. The assortment of jewel tones, metals and glitters are sure to send your personal style into the stratosphere but how do they measure up here on earth? Keep reading! 


As with any collection (especially one of this size!) there will always be shades that out-perform others. As I applied and tested each colour, this became quite apparent. Overall though, OPI’s formula has always been very easy to apply. The brush is a good size/shape and the opacity of the polishes seldom disappoints. As most of you know however, I prefer creamy, rich shades, so the super glittery ones (i.e. Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite & Infrared-y to Glow) were a pass for me. Not only are chunky glitters not my personal preference but these larger shaped glitters in particular (although unique) were difficult to pick up and apply consistently. I absolutely LOVED Center of the You-Niverse, Give me Space, Let Your Love Shine & Ce-Less-Tial is More. Shades that also preformed very well were: Love is in the Cards, Ro-Man-ce On the Moon & Comet Closer. Let’s take a closer look. 

Starlight-Reds-Purple-2Starlight Collection (pictured in the order listed below)


Love is in My Cards

This classic red has a crème finish and looks captivating in 2 coats.

Ro-man-ce on the Moon

A stunning red shimmer with a metallic finish. Has great opacity & a beautiful sheen.

Let Your Love Shine

A deep crimson red with reflective gold shimmer. This shade requires multiple coats, but the end result is gorgeous!

Guys & Galaxies

This dark blood-red is pretty, however it applies a bit patchy. 

Cosmo with a Twist 

An eggplant/black base with purple & blue shimmer. Also a bit patchy, but definitely a pretty shade.

Give Me Space 

A rich blue colour with a blue & silver sparkly finish. I love this shade but recommend also using a top coat to accentuate its beauty! 

I’m in the Moon for Love 

A red-toned purple with micro shimmer and a crème finish. Decent application. 

Starlight-Metals-2Starlight Collection (pictured in the order listed below)

Infrared-y to Glow 

A glitter top coat with holographic hex & uniquely shaped glitter in a clear base.


This pink-toned silver glitter is an absolute stunner. If I had to wear one glitter, this one would be it!!

Press * For Silver 

A rosy silver, frosted metallic with fair to average consistency. 

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite 

Charcoal and rose gold hex and diamond-shaped glitters set in a clear base.

No More Mr. Night Sky 

A reflective gunmetal grey shimmer with a jelly formula. Looks best when applied in 3 thin coats.

Center of the You-niverse 

A gorgeous black with black & silver shimmer. This one was hard to photograph but trust me….its a true gem! 

Starlight-SilversStarlight Collection (pictured in the order listed below)

By the Light of the Moon 

A silver glitter in a silver metallic base. Good opacity but applies a bit lumpy – I think this one has just too much silver in it overall.

Super Star Status 

This silver glitter has good colour/glitter payoff.

I Drive a Supernova 

A bold and frosted silver foil. Very metallic for those of you who like that sort of look. 

Is This Star Taken? 

A silver with holographic & bar glitter. This is the only polish that was a real challenge for me to apply evenly. No matter what I seemed to try, the result wasn’t optimal.   

Comet Closer 

A golden toned silver metallic with a very nice levelling consistency. This one was much easier to apply than Is this Star Taken? above.


What do you think of the Starlight Collection by OPI?

Do you think any of the shades are out of this world?