GIVEAWAY: Win a Jack Black Gift Set!

My husband uses a bunch of Jack Black products on the regular but like most men he doesn’t really like to spend too much time in front of a mirror. Aside from another man, no one truly understands this more than Jack Black. Many of their products are as multi-functional as they are effective. They have a shave cream that also conditions the skin, a face moisturizer with a built-in sunscreen and even a face, hair and body wash product in one. You get the idea right? My husband also appreciates the fact that many Jack Black products are lightweight and non-greasy, making them highly compatible with his oily, blemish-prone skin.

From now until March 27th – you can use the following coupon code to enjoy 10% off any purchase over $100 on the Jack Black website. Just enter MOMSCONTESTJB (Ps….I get no commission from any sales but if you plan on making a purchase anyways, why not save yourself some $$!) The brand was also kind enough to collaborate with me this month to give away one of their popular gift sets to one lucky MomsMakeupStash reader! Included in the set that we’re giving away are full size daily shaving and skin care essentials including the brand’s popular Beard Lube! To qualify to win this gift set, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below and cross your fingers. Good luck!  


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  • Amy Heffernan

    Hubby likes to wear adidas cologne!

  • Haroon

    My hubby likes anything Gilette.

  • Pauline Gorczycki

    My hubby love’s nivia products. And the cologne is usher.

    • I love NIVEA too! Good luck 🙂

  • Michelle Castagne

    Cologne is his favorite product.

  • naiddia p

    My husband likes to use cologne.

  • Elena S

    My hubby likes good quality shaving creams and aftershaves.

  • fossie55

    My husband like a bit of cologne after shaving.
    Florence C

  • Wendy Hutton

    my son uses anything gillette and like stetson cologne

  • UglyMummy

    my hubby likes to wear moisturizer on his face rafflecopter charityk

  • Erin Ortiz

    He really likes beard oil.

  • Erin Ortiz

    He really likes beard oil.

  • Fan Rakhim

    He likes after-shave cream which has to be for sensitive skin only.

  • pinksuzanne

    My husband’s favourite is my shave cream which he finds gentler than men’s on his face.

    • Interesting!! Has he tried the men’s shaving gels for sensitive skin?

  • Josh

    I like aftershave. Feels great to put on after a good shave.

  • My husband loves the nivea post shave balm!

  • jemrah

    my husband has sensitive skin; however, i just pick up drug store brands, when on sale, like Nivea, Loreal, or Gillette — he enjoys a soothing after shave balm for his sensitive skin

  • Betty Spry

    hubby likes to use aloe vera gel on his face

  • My hubby likes his moisturizer.

  • Sandra Clements

    My hubby perfers Gilette products, I bought him a Harry’s razor and he said he perferred his gilette!

  • Robyn B.

    Hy husband likes his bump eraser lotion.

  • Eldon L

    It would be shaving products from Gillette

  • jonnieh

    My husband loves his Calvin Klein body wash

  • Paol Trenny

    My hubby loves his aftershave and sunscreen.

    • Sunscreen is #1. I encourage mine to use it or find products with SPF in them. The sun is dangerous!!

  • christina07

    He likes his face moisturizer

  • Mine has just gotten into beard balms and oils, but he doesn’t moisturize and it drives me a bit nuts!

    • Hi! I’ve been trying to get ahold of you. I tried Twitter and email to let you know that you won the OBAGI skincare giveaway last month. If I don’t hear back in 1 week I’ll unfortunately have to select another winner.

  • Currently my man is using The Body Shop shaving set and occasionally my tea tree scrub but he needs to get his own products haha!

    • I hear ya! My husband is always stealing my beauty products! haha

  • monica b

    he likes using beard balms!

  • erin2470

    Always trying new products, nothing is a favorite, so this would be great to try

  • Kristen P

    My hubby uses moustache wax sometimes. He also has an array of grooming tools.

  • Kristen P

    My hubby uses moustache wax sometimes. He also has an array of grooming tools.

    • Sounds like he’s already on the right track 😉

  • DeAnna Branigan Keller

    My husband likes to use his favorite cologne. I can’t think of the name right now.

  • Steph

    Oh he doesn’t use anything, and that needs to change!

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    he loves his moisturizer

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    he loves his moisturizer

  • Heather

    My Husband’s favorite grooming product would probably be his after-shave balms.

    (Rosie A)

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    My husband seems to like Crew products. I do like how they smell!

  • billiondollarprincesss

    they like face wash

  • SeanM

    I like the Nivea aftershave balm

  • favgreen

    He really likes Axe pheonix…

  • lori b

    he likes his dior facial wash

  • laroyal06

    My husband loves Every man Jack facial scrub.

  • laroyal06

    My husband loves Every man Jack facial scrub.

  • Tracydeanne

    He uses Dove for Men products. I think it started after he liked my Dove soap. Lol

  • Yuen Ch

    He likes his face cream

  • Erica

    Hubby likes the Dove Men+Care products.

  • Bo Simms

    My man’s favorite grooming product is Burt Bees shave cream, burt bees men’s soap, burt bees body wash.

  • hofken

    Ummmmmm. Deodorant?