Review: iT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

What makes Bye Bye Under Eye by iT Cosmetics so special? Well, it’s a full coverage, waterproof, moisturizing concealer that doesn’t crease and has anti-aging ingredients. Jamie Kern, the mastermind behind the brand has worked alongside leading plastic surgeons from Brazil to create this highly-pigmented & concentrated product, which is quickly making headlines. Even makeup artists on shows like The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars use IT Cosmetics on actresses to perfect and sculpt their faces. It’s a brand that I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about!

While I do not have skin blemishes or problems with acne, I do have a genetic predisposition to darkness under my eye area. With age, the “circles” under my eyes have gotten worse and while many other concealers do a decent job of lightening the discolouration, they seem to merely mask (not cover) what’s actually underneath. With high concentrations of Vitamins A, E, C & K as well as Collagen, Bye Bye Under Eye not only hides all of my discolouration but it also reduces the puffiness I get around the eyes due to lack of sleep or fatigue. The tiniest amount of this product is all you need to notice a significant difference. It does a great job of concealing redness, age spots, veining, bruising and even fine lines! It can be a bit difficult to work with, given it’s somewhat sticky consistency, but honestly this doesn’t matter to me as long as I get the same long-lasting results. Aside from the actual concealing, I especially love the sheen that is left behind after the product is blended into my skin. It makes me look more wide-eyed, awake and alert.  

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye – $24 USD/$29 CDN – Regular 0.28 oz size & brush 
(photo above is of Supersize – available on The Shopping Channel this weekend
as part of the Your Most Beautiful You 6-pc Showstopper)
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Neutral Medium (note colour) 
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Neutral Medium (blended out – note consistency)

1. Apply to bare skin using your fingertips or a brush 
2. Set with powder

There are 4 colour options available ranging from very fair to deep 
Shades include: Light, Neutral Medium, Tan & Deep
IT Cosmetics can be purchased on QVC and The Shopping Channel