Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color (Highlight, Sculpt & Blush Powders)

The new Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color Powders ($23 USD/$29 CAD) are a wonderful collection of powders that you can personally customize by choosing the shades that work best for you! The versatile collection of 34 highlighters, sculpting powders and blushes features a highly pigmented, blendable and long-lasting powder formula, in matte, shimmer, and pearl finishes. The powders can be mixed and matched endlessly to create different color combinations for every skin tone and/or preference. Simply choose between a mono, duo or trio palette and choose 1-3 of your favourite shades! It’s that easy!
From left to right: MUFE Artist Face Color in H100, S114 & S300
The Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colors feature: 
> Unique atomized pigments and emollient oils that provide uniform, high-impact color
> Finely milled powders that blend easily from intense to natural pigmentation
> Immediate color-payoff which allows for precise placement on the face
> Beautiful matte, shimmer or pearl finishes that don’t look the least bit powdery on the skin
Shade Selection
> 6 highlighters (labelled with an “H”) in a mix of matte and shimmer finishes
> 10 sculpting powders (labelled with an “S”) in all matte finishes
> 18 blushes (labelled with a “B”) in mostly matte but some pearl finishes
> Refillable palettes come in single (no mirror), duo (with mirror) and trio (with mirror) options

The Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colors are sold as individual pans ($23 USD/$29 CAD) but as mentioned, it is so easy to create your own custom Single ($31 CAD), Duo ($44 CAD) or Trio ($56 CAD) palette shown below. You can also pick up multiple shades and fill a larger magnetized palette of your choice (i.e. MUFE, Z-palette etc.) if you are building your collection or professional kit.

Shade Descriptions (swatches above):

  • H100 Matte ivory highlight (pictured)
  • H102 Shimmery pink alabaster highlight
  • H104 Matte eggshell highlight
  • H106 Shimmery champagne highlight
  • H108 Matte banana highlight
  • H312 Shimmery gold copper highlight
  • S112 Matte shadow sculpt
  • S114 Matte chamois sculpt (pictured)
  • S116 Matte medium shadow sculpt
  • S118 Matte dark shadow sculpt
  • S400 Matte chestnut sculpt
  • S404 Matte red-brown sculpt
  • S502 Matte violet brown sculpt
  • B110 Matte peachy beige blush
  • B200 Pearly opal pink highlight
  • B202 Matte blue pink blush
  • B204 Matte cold pink blush
  • B206 Matte peachy pink blush
  • B208 Matte english pink blush
  • B210 Pearly warm pink blush
  • B212 Pearly pink blush
  • S214 Matte rosewood blush 
  • B216 Matte fuchsia blush
  • B218 Matte bright raspberry blush
  • S300 Matte pastel coral blush (pictured)
  • B302 Pearly peach highlight
  • B304 Matte camel blush
  • B306 Pearly mandarin blush
  • B308 Matte coral blush
  • S310 Matte praline blush
  • B314 Pearly tangerine blush
  • B316 Matte red coral blush
  • B402 Matte vermillion blush
  • B500 Matte plum blush

I’ve been absolutely loving these powders and plan on picking up a few more – specifically H106 & B306 – both shimmery shades since all three of mine happen to be matte. These powders offer incredible pigmentation, a velvety finish and are easy to blend naturally or build up in intensity. A little of each shade goes a long way and creates the most beautiful highlight, contour or flush on the skin! Which one of these amazing shades is catching your eye?